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abit nf7 rev 2-my new king


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

A question to Maphisto, what is pyrol and antivirus for? I've been without a year and a half and nothing happened, it just slows down the computer and gives nothing.

Symantec's firol also just pops up and there's nothing to fake.

And another question: Where do you download Prime95 and what other software do you recommend for stability testing? To the entire system ..

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This computer serves as the server for the other three computers, some of the computers have very important information.

The firewall and antivirus are designed to complement each other.

There's also the McPhee Firewall (pro version) and I wanted to try what it is like with this Firewall.

About software:

There's Sandra and there's 3DMARK2001

And there's Frame like you said

The majority is on our site and if you tap on the name of the software in Kazza you'll get what you need.

Most features are free.

I have a stable computer this night of 3DM loops and a prime time.

The most important measure is the people's scores of tests have risen in the same ratio of rushing!

I mean with I did Of 10 percent and the scores increased by 1 percent so something is wrong!

It should be about the same.

For example, you can see everything on the DM 3 diplet which gives 10000

And now 14300

As Sandra, test On 133 gives about 2000 and I am currently on 3400

This way you will check that you are indeed improving performance, for example I tried one day to work with the computer on 133 * 11 and I could not everything worked too slowly than I am used to.

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There's some software I downloaded yesterday, called it - Hot CPU Tester Pro 3 (Lite Edition)

Can't remember where, maybe even a map; D Max Google search.

In any case, she is also doing the PI test, also doing some sort of test with matrices (registered COMPLEX MATRIX), also checking initial numbers like PRIME95 and something else. It may also be used for stability testing (originally designed to heat the processor to reach FULL LOAD)

Attached to Screen Whip.

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Just because you annoyed me ;)

Your result is a bit disappointing (or mine is very impressive:) ) I was on 203 * 10.5 and the card was on 620/320 and I got 14008 and with the previous system I was on bass 209 and processed on 2000 card on 580/310 and got 14180

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