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Question for XP skins?


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Since when is a patch installed?

Total the skin software.

(And say it one who has installed skins more than once or twice; D)

It's not that I did not install skins, I installed full times :)

But I wanted to try something new, a patch that allows me to use skins without special software .. just open the skin file and that's it ..

And it did not work xD

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Well you can hear me install the Vista skin and have a problem say I do either copy or paste it in Chinese writing what do I do?

Thanks in advance...! (nimrods)

Ohhhhh and thanks to everyone who was here and helped .. !! : xyxthumbs:

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Switch to Windows in English, as it should be.
Tanza look for a version of your skin that "supports" in Hebrew,

Or just download another skin of .


Well thank you all the same, I'd rather stay that way

Thank you all ..! : xyxthumbs:

Thanks to all the assistants ... !!!! : xyxthumbs:

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I downloaded a skin from this site and at the end of the download I open the file and it makes me "open in middle" and I don't know what to open it please help me ..!

File type: File 7z

Thanks in advance to the assistants .....! : xyxthumbs:

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