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Considering buying a console. Editing: I bought an Xbox !!!


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Ido, thanks again.

I found what you said and I'm already on the verge of buying!

I can not believe what cheap prices there are for games and accessories when you buy them abroad !!!

It can be said that the phrase "in heaven, who buys in Heaven in Israel?" The same is true for games ;)

Ido, I can ask you which one Type Have you purchased a credit card? (Of course without going into personal details)

I just got a Master Card and me Knows Which is international but for some reason the site is causing me problems .... Now, I do not know If the problem on the site or card.

Thanks again in advance

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

I recommend you buy from Excellent store I ordered them from my xbox 360 Elite and got me including Fedex shipping Customs 27% All 2300 NIS 1200 NIS cheaper than the country I'm talking about Halit really pays off and comes within 3 days highly recommend .

As part of the release of FEDEX from customs, did not they take you clearance / storage / security fees or something like that? Because as far as I can remember it can reach 200 + NIS


By the way, the responsibility for XBOX360 that you buy in the country is that of the store itself?

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Okay company, I promised that I will update you on what I will do in the end.

So, in the end I probably buy 360 From Israel. For those who ask "What, but it does not pay!"

So it is yes if you had a birthday yesterday and as a gift your uncle is willing to help you with a few hundred shekels.

Besides, when I buy from Israel, I have responsibility for the product.

Anyway .. I do not yet know which version my David organizer is telling me he did not remember, though

What he does remember is that it is 65Nm which is good, today he will find out and tell me all the details about the package I will receive.

Do not worry I will not compromise, just tell me if I bring Arcade / Premium with Falcon it's good enough?

And, what's the difference between premium and arcade?

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This is ... I got my 360!

Now I also joined the community! : xyxthumbs:

Although I'm not in the community, but if today I decide on the console then there is no doubt at all X360.

Resume! And it's good that you listened to us. : xyxthumbs:

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Only now GTA IV, I plan to bring more games this week, until then

GTA Keep him busy right ;).

In your opinion, is there any game you think is a game that you should play on the 360?

A game when you are told that 360 is associative you say its name.

I'd love to hear your recommendations, thank you.

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