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The ancient Mayan culture that held vast astronomical knowledge and its calendar is considered accurate in the universe, documenting all cosmic events from 3013 BC to 21.12.2012. The shortest day of this year is the end of Mayan perception and complete change of human consciousness. The Mayan calendar never made the mistake of predicting planetary cycles so there is no reason to doubt the unique sky state planned for that day, One can only argue about the meaning. Last December we had a unique planetary array in the sky, as the stars formed in the shape of a Star of David alongside a full lunar eclipse, for the first time in human history. At the beginning of June (8.6) we observed a rare experience of the Noga star passing identified with the element

The female, across the sun. A move that happened recently in 1882, and will happen again in 2012. What does all this mean?

I recently came across articles and things that say that 2012 will be the end of the world ... It actually makes relatively sense, if all the time in the world worsens, storms of quantities, floods, mutations, global warming, wars and more ... at some point the end of the world will really come. The question of whether it will be soon or tens / hundreds / millennia.

what do you say?

For the article

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Depending on how you define the "end of the world". Is the end of the world the Earth to explode, or the human race to be completely extinct? And obviously that will not happen. Maximum will be a world war, but even a nuclear world war will not destroy all mankind (not even half).

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Oh, almost every date is considered a date when the world will be destroyed. There was talk of the 1.1.00, there was talk of 2060 etc. etc.

You can't tell, anything can happen at any moment.

They say December 21.12.2012, 7, by whom? In Japan today comes about XNUMX hours ahead of us and almost a full day before the US, so what? For whom? Why? How many?

Notice in the video, it's easy to take in all the crazy things that are happening in the world right now (whether it's a natural or human reaction) and say these are signs for the end.

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An article from 4 years ago DA.

In any case, the hallmark of New Age pseudo-science is an indistinct blend of disruptive scientific facts, astrology and the giving of mystical abilities to extinct ancient cultures.

During the Mayan period, tremendous importance was attached to the arrangement of the sky. That is why the Mayans (and other cultures) invested tremendous resources in building astrological calendars, building observatories, and giant buildings that were oriented by celestial elements. They referred to the elements of the sky as gods that influence life here, so it was important for them to be very accurate about these factors.

In terms of the Middle Ages and perhaps the Renaissance, the Mayan accuracy may seem very impressive. But modern astronomy, from the days of Kepler and Tycho, already gives us a more accurate, even less exciting, cosmic map. We know that the planets are celestial bodies just like Earth, no more and no less. The stars in the sky are like his sun, and so far away they have no effect in themselves on us and no impact on the Earth's climate.

One of the amusing sentences in the article deals with our DNA, which was discovered only in the 50s and only during the 70s to the 90s understood how it "worked". Exactly how the coil will become exactly double to 12 strands, hidden from me, it is also unclear how exactly distant planets can make it ...

Last December we had a unique planetary array in the sky, with the stars forming in the shape of a Star of David alongside a full lunar eclipse, for the first time in human history.

Many patterns in the sky appear occasionally, some of these very rare patterns and this is the first time they have appeared in human history (a short period of about 6000 years). But these patterns, which are a two-dimensional projection of the three-dimensional arrangement of the sky elements, are found Only in our brain that is built to find patterns in everything. Every few decades, a comet with a particularly long cycle also appears, a comet that has not been seen in the earth for decades, and astrologers immediately enter ecstasy. It is a relatively small block of ice (up to 10-20 km) that goes a few million km from us ...

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It is widely held that humanity will go one evolutionary step forward, and most of humanity will go extinct, leaving some 144 Adf people on the entire sphere.

Ahh .. only who played crises on the highest settings will survive? ; D

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If I'm not mistaken, Mayans only used natural numbers for calculations, which in itself doubts exactly the calculations. As for the meaning - there is indeed a very strong mystical basis that more closely matches the beliefs of the distant past.

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If all the Mayan / Inca / Khartoum / Shimon Peres / Judaism / Christianity / Shinto / Hindu / Buddhism / Islam predictions about the end of the world were to come true, we would have come to the point where extermination itself is being destroyed.

I'm tired of those nonsense running miles ...

About Noga's passing over the sun and creating "mini-eclipse"

1882 to 2008? No : kopfpatsch:

It happened in 2004, for those who don't remember. That day we all came up with a burnt film of To the bird and we looked at the sun through it to see : Lol:


Why doesn't it happen all the time? Not because of any mystical jumbo jumbo - simply because the earth and manga surround the sun on different levels.

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My friend Pique, the article is from 2004. There is some material for thought.

Many other spiritual traditions speak of the fact that the new born children of recent years are already coming into the world with higher souls, adapted to the different frequency. And yet we, those who remain here, will continue to undergo this transformation in body and mind, with a pervasive understanding of the identity of matter and spirit and in our daily struggle with the blurring of postmodernist boundaries, which prepares us for impending unity.

I didn't understand anything about the last sentence.

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These speculations have no connection to the world in my opinion. These people lack what to do. Besides, I don't see a reason that on a clear day one will just disappear, there may be some serious crisis in the next few years but no more

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