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oc round up from three came out only one king


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion


enough with that !

They asked you once and again

So Dee.

In any case, the winner won by a small gap in performance, so it is very difficult for me to decide who accepts the recommendation. This is one of the reasons why I still do not publish results (even if I ordered Better to try to get a bigger gap).


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Between 1.0 and RDA or 2.0? - Do you mind bringing a link here? P:

I'll look for you. I remember there was a long discussion Better than that - 8RD / GA + or NF7 and there was someone who was in favor of the Epox who showed a review that showed that the 8RDA + VODD MOD is coming to the higher basses than 8RGA + and more than NF7 rev 1.2 / 2.0 and I also remember ZOFFER said the criticism is wrong and he saw in all other places .

Ofer - Is there a clear winner in the audit or was it close?

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And besides being the fastest running board in the world (ANPORS 2) it will look at NF7 S REV 2.0 that works on 289 bass with a Burton processor.

As mentioned in Abbott's new BIOS there is a possibility up to 300 Bass.

It is the fastest board in the world without doubt and undisputed in the meantime.

There are some epoxy that make 250 and that is currently the maximum they have.

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I found the review: http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&number=9&artpage=137&articID=56

Do not look credible ...

1) Ofer How did they get to this crazy bass of 289 ??? I thought that in NF2 Enable Maximum 250 Do you have details about this murderous OC? Which And everything?

2) There is a difference in OC capabilities between the different NF7 boards? Maybe different Stephens and all '...

3) was a surprise from MSI?

4) Thank you very much for the reviews you bring us here. It helps me a lot and I'm sure that for many more members of HWZONE I do not want to click like everyone else but have you finished checking the boards already? So you can only write?

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The plates were checked

There are results

I'm waiting for a few answers from Abit and Apox to help me improve the results of the boards.

I do have to write only.

There is no difference between the REV 2.0 series. It turns out that this correction is made by the companies that manufacture the boards, but by NVIDIA itself, which changed the expectations.

And sorry for the confusion of 269's XBOX and not 289 with you Sorry (thanks Liran for the revised link)


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Delicate and amazing.

Ofer Do you think the bass is also connected to the processor?

Like, if you put your CPU in the panel that runs in 269,

Can it work on the 269 bus with your CPU?

I will also direct the bass to the wheelers, ie a low product ..

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Right now I do not have the memories to do it but I hope Monday Monday give you an answer and maybe raise here the result of the winner waiting right now

(Not so far from the hint hint 250 hint) but yes there is a certain bass that the processor can no longer.

I have a problem working under the 9 product in the bass above 230.

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