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Who should be the next prime minister?


Who do you think should be the next prime minister in Israel?  

2,794 votes

  1. 1. Who do you think should be the next prime minister in Israel?

    • Shaul Mofaz
    • Meir Sheetrit
    • Tzipi Livni
    • Ehud Olmert (again)
    • Ehud Barak
    • Benjamin Netanyahu
    • Roni Bar On

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No, my parents didn't hit me and your response just shows how little you are, a dumb little boy and influenced by the media

Rabin was a bad prime minister and a worse man

Rabin is responsible for all our security issues today

Rabin abandoned soldiers on the ground to save himself

Rabin murdered Jews in Altelana

Rabin suffered a nervous breakdown as chief of staff before the Six Day War


Good to be murdered

Oh no..

What situation have I gotten to when a 6-year-old boy calls me a little boy.

Do you read what you write?

Like, seriously?

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion


You know a lot of experts say that children at young ages (including 6) see reality best

This claim has been raised here several times. All the evidence suggests that Altana was Ben Gurion's attempt to eliminate a competing political camp.

But this is a problem for Ben-Gurion and not Rabin. He obeyed a lawful order.

Shoot Jews swimming ashore when they are missing And do not attack back .... sounds like a blatantly illegal order

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I think Rabin sincerely believed that regional peace includes, that is what will save the country . He tried to achieve this because he understood that if there was no real peace in the region, whenever he did in the future there would be a war we would not survive. I believe he understood the risks but realized that the chance must be tried.

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