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End of the World in 2012? Or that everything on the Nibiru star is wrong ...


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Get to know:


Star of Nibiru. A star that once brought the giants (written in the Torah).

All I understood about him briefly:

There were people on this planet (giants). These people were enormous in size (a few meters). They had a problem in their planet's atmosphere so they had to bring material from Earth to them to fix the problem (they probably took gold!).

Every few thousand years, their star approaches our star and then they land on our planet.

They tried to make crosses between them and to live on Earth, and all these crosses did not succeed. (Some say that these crosses are the giant guards guarding the tombs that the Straits have.)

The only thing he did was make a hybrid between them and the monkeys.

The Samaritans (who do not know are people like us, claim to be the true Jews!

The Samaritans learned from the fall of mathematics, etc.

In their star 2009 will seem to all of us. Today their star also looks only from the South Pole. as per EARTH can be seen by Has installed a telescope at this pole that will look to this planet.

There are lots of details from many scientists on their planet (Nibiru). Never announce to the world not to create panic.

In 2012 they will be so close that the gravity of their planet will cause total destruction to our planet.

After 6 months we all die.

Then, they will land on earth and take what they want (if they are alive at all).

Even if they do not live, their planet will destroy ours.

Everything I wrote here was not my opinion! But things I learned from the network.

I would be happy to receive a response.


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Sorry for the scorn but,

The blah blah blended with disdain.

As if, seriously, the prophecies of the Day of Judgment are missing?

If it was, chewed, if not, ha ha.

Good Day.

I do not care if you're scornful. These are not my conjectures and I have not said I believe it. But it's worth checking out this star and whether its orbit is approaching Earth sometime.

First of all, you're wrong. First of all, the 2012. Second, I do not believe anything, because until they bring a picture or proof I will not believe it.

If the world knew this, they would make efforts to solve this problem, because such a desert can not be solved.

not exactly. In 2012 this will happen more or less. But only in 2014 will the star leave our orbits.

Anyway I changed.

But efforts are being made! Why do you think the Twin Towers were knocked down?

Not pretty. And not respectable!

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^^ Yes, it really was not very place.

In any case, seriously, lacking such prophecies? After all, every little prick can edit and upload a movie to And make our planet disappear.

I hope that if they knew about it, they would take care of it, but even if not, why rummage through # $$. It will not help either.

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In terms of unreasonable logic, a Jupiter-sized star will enter our star system just like that and then leave and continue with its existing paths because of the simple fact that Jupiter is occupied by the force of our sun and revolves around it. If what you say is true, then Jupiter and the other giants would have disappeared long ago.

Conversely, if it was a wrong meteor, much more logical.

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About the giants mentioned in the Bible in Genesis The beginning of Judaism was about a thousand years before 6

Between Genesis and the present, nothing is mentioned about this planet

Why have not they been mentioned again that the route he does is ALN 3 year?

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The fuckers may have heard about the Mayan calendar. In truth, archaeologists do not take seriously the rumors linking the end of the Mayan calendar to the prophecies of it. In Judaism it was once said that only Jews can change the fate written in heaven. If we survived until now we would survive it.

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