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***** WARNING - FURMARK and safety of ATI ****


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Hello everyone,

For good measure, we would like to inform you about Risk of using the FURMARK software For various stability testing purposes, in particular the testing of the STRESS TESTING with the ATI graphics cards.

Notice that lots of users Hit their graphics cards on a physical level! By running stress tests with the above software.

and hence not recommended Use it to perform various stability tests.

Please note.

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Thanks for the warning.

I wanted to know from which version the FURMARK was beginning to be a danger

Is this xtreme burning mode?

I've used quite a lot of software with HD4870 and have no hint of damage

If so far I had no harm so I have no reason to fear? (I will no longer use the software)

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The above article follows what happened to me this morning:

This morning you get a capacitor in the attached area on the ATI 4850 video card and decided to go away accompanied by a noise of explosion and smoke used for less than 3 minutes with the above software quickly STOCK And a video card under 70 !. > :(

Similar reports on the net have more than enough when the damage is usually in the GPU and not in the capacitor as I do - it is very likely that the capacitor was simply "screwed up" in advance.

Just search the web for the following combination of words DIED ATI FURMARK. :P

It seems that ATI has previously blocked this software:


But the software in its latest version was not blocked by me.

Below is a quote from the site of

In our lab tests we have discovered that when running Furmark to test for temperature, it tends to show results that would never be achieved in any circumstances (under normal running or overclocking). Running Furmark is highly risky therefore we do not recommend running this program for tests. This program pushes the VGA card to the point of maxing out, beyond limit and will burn out any cooler, stock or after market coolers after long period of testing. Even running games such as Far Cry 2 and 4 extensively for long hours, the temperatures would never reach what Furmarks excruciating tests put out.

Customer from here:


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In an attempt to become an ATI competitor, they sell their latest tickets on the speed limit / traverture beyond what is customary in the field.

It is no wonder then that some of the cards are tested under a test that adopts the card beyond what ATI assumed gamers would do.

Maybe if ATI would check the cards properly and admit that they can withstand the theoretical load and not just the GTA load, then all this would have been avoided.

But then perhaps the performance of the tickets would go down or their price would rise, and no one would buy them.

And if you think I'm overdoing it, it's only because what I wrote is written on the border of trying to annoy.

Maybe if I checked that things could withstand the load of hundreds of ATI fans then things would have been said otherwise.

: Lol:

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Well I've done a test again and there's something strange about the truth here.

It turns out that the ATI driver detects when running FURMARK and automatically downloads frequencies to a video card. Probably to keep the card.

What stinks here is to keep him from what? If the card is proper it should keep itself. Software should not spoil anything material if the hardware is designed properly.

To work around this frequency reduction, you need to rename the file from FUMARK.EXE to something else. Now turn on the software and see what's going on. My ticket was boiling !!

He came after a second and a half to 90 degrees and continued to rise. I stopped it instead.

If you do not change the name All Works Peaks and the temperature of the card remains on the 80 area.

What's more, the software itself does not seem to kill the card - it's the temperature it's probably bringing the card to.

* Edit, I ran again. This time I left the driver to set the fan speed. He seems to know how to manage alone, but he keeps the temperature higher. It warms up to the 90-91 and plays around this temperature. No matter how long I left the test, the temperature did not pass the 92. Physical contact with the capacitors on the card also showed no abnormal temperature.

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