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Group purchase of hard drives, internal and external (partial offers for now)


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

If possible, I would be happy to purchase a cheap external hard disk.

Place of storage must be from 120GB or higher.

It is recommended to have Firewire 400 (but not mandatory if it drastically raises the price)

I'll be happy to participate in the group sale, and buy even 2 drives, one of the cheapest and one around the 500GB.

with gratitude,

Or Cohen :)

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I am the happy owner of the new 2TB (2 F1 s) (month and bit) and 2X500 (Seagate) are older, total 3TB.

But still a message to follow - they fill relatively quickly And who knows when this purchase will take place, Maybe until then I'll want another 2TB :)

Hopefully this will come to fruition fast, I am with 15GB available in total external.

At least I am currently improving the RATIO :D

Someone knows why by The WD 2TB is so expensive ???

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Oh, I do not have a trace. It's probably just the fact that we live in Israel ;)

Once again you are not tied to the hook

This HD has not yet reached Israel, so you can not know what the price is here.

But overseas is very expensive, almost according to 2 what 1.5TB ...

And this is the question, why is it so expensive ... So new?

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