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Help about buying Nintendo WII - Need help in a few questions


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I use it a lot, especially in FIT, that I do training so it follows my weight and it's excellent

Then must use the MII, each in his own.

No one knows how to edit MII after saving?

Something else: I saw a really nice game - it's called Marble Saga: Kororinpa, my question is whether it's only in French or that there is also an English version?

and another question: After I connect the My router should perform the update version as requested or not?

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion


I managed to change my MII.

And they told me thatNo Update the WII!

So I only have one question left, about the game I wrote, did anyone hear about it? Know him? Play it already?

He looks really nice, but I do not know whether he's in French or English.

Thanks for the helpers!!

And I'd love to get more names of interesting games you like :)

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After I connect the WII to my router, should I update the version as requested or not?

And they told me not to update the WII!

Who told you that?

From time to time, games that require updating are sometimes left, and sometimes the virtual store also requires updating

And if it is better to update from the network

To this day, Nintendo has not released an update that destroys ... at least not those that are popular and considered good, and an automatic update of a game that is played here and there in games

Can cause you to crack or half-empty the console (serious damage)

I suggest you browse this site to be up to date -

Maybe they told you not to update because of the "Hombro Channel" and maybe instead ... Install the "Hombro Channel"

But if you have ... I recommend you update from the network where you are playing will update you just check for new updates before you update

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I was told not to update because of the chip ... I do not know, I'm afraid to update and then there will be problems (I called the gamestation from which I bought the WII + Chip)

I do not want to run to the store later to fix it, if it all works, what to update right now?

I do not know if there is any need for these updates ...

Which games require an update?

I can not even get into the virtual store or the weather ... so I can not use it anyway ...

What is Brick or half Brick? ???

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Brick is a complete breakdown

It is called in English as a "white" translation (from the term "brick to brick"). This nickname is because if there is a vacuum it is what you can do if the console

Half a vacuum by name is half a kilo

I can not even get into the virtual store or the weather ... so I can not use it anyway ...

This is probably because you did not update or did not connect the console to the network

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I connected the console to the network and he says I need to run the wiiconnect24

But I try to activate it, he says it's currently idle ... something like that

WII CONNECT24 is not recommended to run and can be closed in the WII settings

This service actually allows the console to be connected to the network And in theory there were supposed to be additions and updates in the service which did not really happen and actually the console is connected like this all the time even in a year that the ventilation does not work and just warms up

Connect the standard console and if you have Mario Cart try the network situation

It has a very nice online multiplayer

And I recommend that you also take the risk and try to update if something happens that is because the store will put you in something screwed up

either way I update every few months and as of today I said that their focus is not a "pulse" update that they have removed

There's only a problem with the Humbro Channel, but if you have ... you do not need it that way

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What if I do not update?

You are 100 percent certain that it is safe to update every update that you have made, Offers?

I do not know, the guy from the phone shop sounded very anxious about whether to update or not and he said straight without hesitation "under no circumstances update" ....

So do not know what to do .... I'm quite inclined to listen to him .... understand me?

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Keep up with the worst possible situation ...

If he put something normal in you, there's no problem updating, and after the update, you probably will not have to be afraid for another few months until the next update

Besides the previous update put support cards Great

Just before you update, you have a channel called "Humbro Channel" on the interface, because if it does, then you'll be sorry for ...

If you do not have anything like this in the interface, you can update Onlin and you can use the Onlin channels

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What is "The Hombro Channel"?

I do not think I saw anything like that, I have two full rows, the rest are empty, does that mean anything to you?

In the first row I have the square of the disc, the MII, , shopping channel

And on the second line I have weather, news, (What can be seen), and FIT

Besides, I have nothing, is that what you mean or somewhere else?

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Do not listen to these idiots and keep up with you, you will win all kinds of support in all kinds of new things and this will save you a brilliant game that is not from PAL

And hombro is homebrew like brewing beer at home just that it's a term that talks about stuff people make at home and put on consoles unlike anything commercial that's the games of companies like And all these

But that's no reason not to update

If I'm not mistaken, this update also found a break-in, every update finds a convenient break, Twilite Hack is not the last one, do you know the term "everything is finally broken"? Only I do not know when this will be valid for PS3


The hombro channel is something that people have prepared to concentrate all the things that people programmed like Satellites and other emulators and software, instead of catching all the squares all sorts of different things

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Well I'll do an update, hoping it will not do anything :)

I do not have that homebrew you're talking about ... Wow there's a lot to know about.

There are a lot of people who buy Do not understand so much and they do not even know that you can connect the - Internet,

So what happens if they play for a year and do not update at all? Could it ruin something?

In the store they told me they installed the new chip that even if I put a game that is not PAL nothing will happen,

He just will not read it. is it true? Or was he just scratching?

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I want to explain something to you because it seems to me that you have been given such fears that you do not enjoy what you bought

Most of the world did not buy with a chip, bought regular and only games from the same area are working

Anyone who has a chip and tries to put a game coming from another region like NTSC on PAL, and there's a newer update, so it will make a bug (I think they've found a fix for that)

In any case you simply bring the games from Uncle Torrent simply choose the ones with the name PAL

that's it

There is no such thing as a bad update, updating comes only to improve

If the update is updated to the latest version, it can not get empty, because there is no where to upgrade, it does not come out that you put out a disk with an update and it will not be on the same second on the network

And I just do not believe the workers at the Gear Station are ignorant enough to scare you so much

So very simple - connect the console to the Internet, do update in the settings menu and then your console is the most protected in the world

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I understood, first of all thanks for the detailed explanation :) Sometimes you have to explain slowly so that I can understand quickly :) Lol

I have until now chosen only PAL, I know not to take games from other regions, that I understood very well

So if I update the And I'll only go with PAL Nothing can happen ??

I do not know why they told me it's impossible to update, I do not understand it.

A situation can occur if I do not update the In general then games that I have will no longer work anymore because they will think the old ??

editing:I've updated and everything went well !! :)

Now that I'm trying to get into the news or the weather then he tells me I need to run the WIICONNECT24, without it he does not work

Turn it on? Could it cause damage?

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If a game will need updating it comes with an update on the disc

Here comes the whole mess of lightning: if you put an NTSC disc in PAL and because the chip is going to read it then nothing will happen and most likely it will work well because there is a chip that opens the regional lock

But if the version of your live is out of date and then you put an NTSC disc in this case a game that came out a few days ago and has a new update that it owes it to the disc and you did not do the update from the internet I told you to do, so the console of the PAL will probably be confused by the NTSC And you get the grille, it's like putting a firmware on a DVD

You know? As long as you continue to make an update before you insert a new disc that is NTSC and you do not know if it has a new update or not, you will not have a vacuum

If you do not do an update check to make sure the NTSC is inserted (Shimi has situations where sometimes the game does not go to Europe or a year late and that's something you owe now)

So what will happen is that he will drive the console crazy

Hope you understand and now you're smarter than the monkeys at the Gear Station who tried to make a cover for themselves

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