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Is there a room without gravity?


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There is a room like this in NASA if I'm not mistaken that the astronauts are training there.

You are wrong.

The plane mentioned here is the only way you can be in an environment that simulates "lack of gravity" as in space (a lift also falls, but it is hard to survive).

There are also places where a high-altitude air blast is activated, and an environment that simulates skydiving is created.

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Astronauts use a number of training techniques, some of which have been mentioned here, most of them relatively common and feasible for the common man, the techniques are:

* An air channel (simulates skydiving when underneath you there is a huge fan that causes a gust of wind that makes you fly)

* Centrifugal device (egg-shaped) and a weight on the other side and it turns and causes artificial "gravity"

* Diving training (in the water when diving in fact we experience an experience similar to hovering in space and by this astro 'simulate the feeling in space)

* An anti-gravity plane (the huge plane mentioned here, the plane is flying in Russia, maybe in other countries since the last time I remember) There is a very nice video in which Hawking hovers on such a plane. : smile1:)

This is a few exercises that came to mind a little here and there ..

Electromagnetic resistance is possible, but here it is inefficient. (For example, the train in Japan operates in such a way that there is a "levitation" of the railroad derailment)

(Note for further discussion - Wait for the teddy bear to answer you, he'll probably give you an answer!) D)

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There was a program on the 8 channel for a few years ago. It showed that one of the 70 amateur physicists who managed to do something similar does not know exactly what he did but he managed to create a room without any gravity at all. A time full of water, and the water just got out of the glass and floated like in space, they actually saw the bubble of water growing in his basement.

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