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A guide to the OCCT software (how to use and types of tests).


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The following guide explains the use and types of tests found in the software. OcCT(MT Checking Tool)

The main window of the software is divided into several main areas:


* Yellow - Displays the various types of tests that can be performed with the software.

* Blue - Displays the selected test information such as: time, test type of test, and amount of memory usage from test mode in the same test. As well as the ON and OFF buttons of the test.

* Violet - Displays the amount of time remaining for the test and the number of utilization percentages (processor state) at that moment.

* Orange - Displays up-to-date information about system components, CPU type, (Motherboard) and monitoring (Monitoring tab).

* Green - displays an explanation of each test and different tips for the user.

Types of tests:

CPU: OCCT - A stress test for a processor that also examines some of the memory (depending on what you choose).

CPU: LINPACK - Test the CPU effort, this test is more agressive, since it adopts the system too much.

* This test is not recommended for various stability tests, since it adopts the system excessively.

GPU: OcCT - Graphic processor effort test (video card).

GPU: MEMTEST - Stress test for memories of the screen card, this test is for testing of tackle.

POWER SUPPLY - An effort test that examines the ability of the supplier to hold the system. In this test all the components are in an effort to reach MAX in terms of power consumption.

In each test you can choose between three test modes:

Auto 1h = 1 hour test.

Infinite = Loop of the same test, the test will never end until you stop it.

Custom = All test parameters are available (time / memory usage, etc.).

Options menu:


In this menu you can set the language, if the program will generate different graphs (temperature, voltages, etc.) that will be saved in the folderEnabled by default), By pressing the orange button there will be another option window dedicated to monitoring the system - setting the maximum temperature at which you want the software to stop the testPredefined on 70 degrees!The selection of external monitoring software, such as: EVEREST and SPEEDFAN. In the case of selection, the OCCT software will display the data called from the software selected by you, with the following options in the same window allowing you to determine which parameters the program reads and which not.

How to use:

* Select the desired test in the appropriate area

* Choose which test mode you are interested in

* Change the various parameters according to your requirements

* Press the ON button

Highlights for using the software:

* In any mode, pressing the OFF button will stop the test.

* Before, after and during use, emphasis should be placed on reading the temperature from the correct program.

* Set the maximum temperature depending on your processor and system.

* The guide is for your own use and responsibility.

Tips are welcome in the forum, any problem / question regarding how to use the software has the forum; : xyxthumbs:


The guide was written by taotao

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