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Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Main discussion.


Which class / role do you most connect?  

783 votes

  1. 1. Which class / role do you most connect?

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

There is a discussion about BF3, not currently known what will be with the group because of the closure of the importer.

I played a few hours yesterday and there was no problem except that the game itself is not amazing in general.

I realized that you also tried to talk to me in the game, you have to know that no one is checking what they write there :P

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Just for me the game crashes after half an hour of play after the last patch?

The game never crashed before installing the last patch and it crashed after two hours really, I do not know if this trend ..

Strange that for some people he collapsed before the patch and now for those who do not?

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  • 2 weeks later ...

what's up guys? For a long time I did not respond :-).

I try to fly the helicopters but have trouble with the mouse \ keyboard and look for a joystick that works with BC2.

I tried it:

But Batalfield does not even recognize him (even after installing the drivers, etc.).

I thought about it:

But the reviews are not really good (it breaks down really fast).

Is there anyone on the forum that uses a good-looking BC2 joystick and can recommend?



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Problem in the game, it seems to me I should respond here although it has not been active for weeks.

I bought a BBC2 and downloaded it via Origin and installed it. It did not let me get into the sRabers because of the PunkBuster software. I downloaded it and made a game update there. After I finished the update I went into the server. Within a minute, Punk Buster gave me a kick from the server.

What am I supposed to do?

I already deleted Betelfield and got off the top + I deleted punk buster and downloaded a new one.

Anyone have an idea please?

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