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Question about doing oc hd5750


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I've overclocked to the processor for 3.6

Because I was told that without oc there would be a small bottleneck

Now that I did an OC to the CPU if I do an oc to this video card it will be created again. Anyplace else from the processor right now, or is there a problem?

In my board I can not seem to lift tensions and someone can direct me please

Give thanks for your thanks


I did an OC to 3.4 ghz processor




WD Caviar 320GB 16MB

Power Supply: huntkey v-power 450w

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Your board is not related to the OC ... and certainly not to the rest of the specification.

And because of that you can not change tensions ... (to replace a board)

You should (recommended) that the board's 'start' start with a P-letter rather than a G ... {there are other other conditions}

That people here would recommend a board to you after you budget here.

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Do not do OC (cancel and fast) with this board it is not healthy (stable) at all you will burn something.

Except what is OC what you give and how much .. Do not mess if you do not know you will be asked first ..

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There is a connection........

Or you think if I mean in advance do not do OC to my computer I can buy a motherboard with G31 and put it GTX480 .. After all what does it matter I just want it to work no ??

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What about the motherboard? The man wants to do Overclocking for his video card.

^^ And again, I go back to it.

The board supports PCIE, the card is PCIE, the end of the story, there is no such thing as an overkill video card to the motherboard if it has an appropriate interface.

It is possible to take any card and distort its shape in overclocking, the interface will transfer information in exactly the same way.

The only risk I can think of is his power supply.

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Members of the discussion No one answered me

I check artifacts with ati overdrive and with occt

In short, occt is the most adoptive of the card and it reaches the temperature I wrote above 81-84 and sometimes 89 depends on the test

Another forum told me that it is not normal at all temperature

In any case, the card functions well

I wanted to know another thing when I was doing OC. So ati overdrive you have to change gpu clock and memroy clock

I got to the point that if I pick up the memory then there are artifacts so I drop a little bit but from here I can pick up the whole gpu as if I'm lifting to the end so there's no problem just with the memory that is limiting me.

And anyway why does it happen that I pick up with memory?

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I re-recommend, use MSI AFTERBURNER is great for these things and will simplify things for you.

81-84 degrees This is indeed quite a bit, but the test of OcCT is far from simulating a computer game since in games it is doubtful if you ever reach 70.

Your card has a certain voltage that it works for. If you raise the card frequencies due to lack of electricity, your card will start processing incorrectly, what you see as artifacts, usually happens quickly .

Where exactly do you lift the memory and the core? Do it gradually rather than recklessly.

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Yes i know that occt is bringing the card to such heights in the most games i have come to this 74 but this special case usually comes in farms up to 69

And the software you told me about for what is a video card or tablet or both?

Oh, and for the sake of raising voltage to the CM. ? Where is there such a thing?

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