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I'm just talking about speed and other data do not interest me ...

The question is what is faster and if there are types of speed then it would be better to elaborate!

God- he: Vertex 2 Pro


Thanks a lot to the responders!

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Always at the top

Because a mechanical device has a problem of access time

Taking back reading and writing to get to the scene

ב No heads is working like a memory

Therefore access time is a hundredth of a HDD

Speaking of continuous write speed or readability there is an advantage to have a HDD in RAID but of course this is not the most important thing to a computer

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Depends of course on uses. For applications that require fast continuous read / write (eg video editing), it is preferable to have mechanical drives in RAID. Applications that require

Short access times are preferable What 's Shreide' s He has access time High More than a single drive.

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There is also a difference between what type of RAID will you do if you go on a RAID0 that's a bit silly to 4 drives and the chance that at least one will crash is not that small

So that's not really wisdom

And RAID5 which is more likely to have been slower than any parameter from

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On paper, if we take the dry data then let's say that 7200Rpm gives 100 a pound Gives 250 a GPA

So yes the X4 HDD will be faster than , But - there are many more variables like access time, and virtually all the technology of writing without moving parts ..

I have seen tests of X4 HDD RAID0 against - and will not help how HDD you will always take them more time to "wake up" and reach maximum speed ..

From the moment you run the software or game what is most important is the "access time" to the data, while the HDD will only drive itself It's already there, and it's a huge difference.

Personally I would recommend you SSD to one good operating system.

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And you're just annoying to throw things into the air without proving anything

Obviously if you put a dedicated RAID controller then maybe writing will be a little better

The RAID 5 of the motherboard is not exactly Ai and writing there is not something. Reading is pretty close but it depends on which controller Users.

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That's exactly the point, if I remember correctly then Ride 0 more quickly than Ride 5.

You'll see the following two videos ..



Then you'll realize that despite the speed it may seem to be fast - the accesess time is relatively long -

This means that until the HDD receives the command to convene for a particular application Already inside.

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In writing, Ride 0 is faster without questions. Reading - Ride 5 can be equivalent to 0 reel when using a quality controller. The only advantage of the Ride array

Such on my face Is in sequential read / write times, which are relevant to applications that require read / write of very large amounts of data, with less

Focus on the time to access these data (eg video editing). All of these things already appear in Stickey so I do not bother to write them every time someone

Who does not bother to read the steak / read a little about the subject and decides to throw things in the air.

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