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Crash of games


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I have a w7 operating system with a radeonhd4770 video card and a processor phantomii. At some point a turning point occurred. Every game I have installed since crashing at the moment of activation. On the other hand all the games I installed before are still working smoothly. What to do? Thanks in advance to all the respondents

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I was betting (not a very intelligent guess) on a problem in one of the system files. Are you getting error messages? MISSING DLL? When Windows opens a crash message, what appears in MORE INFORMATION? Do you remember installing or replacing a component before it happened? All of these can help us locate your problem.

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Full error message:

Signature of the problem:

Event name problem: APPCRASH

Application name: Peggle.exe (for example, this happens with any other game)

Application version:

Application timestamp: 45d50df2

Fault module name: ntdll.dll

Problem module version: 6.1.7600.16559

Fault module timestamp: 4ba9b21e

Exception code: c0000005

Exception Offset: 00056008

Operating system version: 6.1.7600.

Region ID: 1037

Additional information 1: e25c

מידע נוסף 2: e25c18db0eb47d762aac1ce1673c0797

Additional Information 3: 64b3

מידע נוסף 4: 64b343e5f37e361fb9b8012f6348037e

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