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New Overclocks? Come here.


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New Overclocks? Come here.

Hello New Overclocker, want to speed up your computer with its various uses or just do OC for sports, first you need to understand the basics of this field by the spinach guides this Where you will learn basic concepts in the field, how to perform the OC (board / processor / memory / video card) and its coping and understanding. There is no manual that will tell you exactly how to make a specific OC for your hardware, since there are quite a few hardware vendors, each using them and displaying things (BIOS etc) in a different way.


a question: My processor temperature does not make sense, what can I do?


Before you can make sure that you are using the correct software,Core Temp To test the temperature of the Intel Core processors,Real Temp And make sure the TJMAX is according to This table. To test the temperature of older processors (both AMD and Intel)HWMonitor .

a question: Need OVERCLOCK settings for some system?


The Overclocking Process Is not Fixed, and therefore "copying" of overclocking settings from other users is not relevant, since this does not mean that they will work stably in the system to Nablus, even if it is exactly the same! And therefore the process should be carried out according to the documentation specified in the manual this, This is the safest and most correct way.

a question: I got stuck in Overclock how do I get on?


There are a lot of reasons why the system can not move forward, before opening the spinach, you know that you have acted according to the right steps to perform Overclocking, you tried to give voltage to all components, from the processor to the Northern Bridge (NB) High, and there is another margin of confidence. If you have acted correctly and still do not have any success, start a new spin in the forum where you will list all the relevant information, from the system itself, tensions and what you have already tried.

a question: Overclocking with software, recommended?


Not really, since most programs are very limited, from early access to system instability to the lack of control of important parameters, and therefore the recommendation is the implementation of overclocking only through the bios.

a question: What are the best components for Overclock?


Note that not always what is more expensive is better! As there are components (motherboard / processor / memories) intermediate that offer a very high capacity, and at a surprising price, and therefore the forum should be consulted in detail of the budget for the system and the degree of Overtluk planned.

a question: Does Overclock cancel warranties?


In fact, there is no way to know that the processor is "spoiled" because of overclocking, and the chance that the hider will happen is minimal to none, since the components today (processors / motherboards, etc.) are equipped with the best defenses to prevent Such cases.

a question: Does Overclocking increase the wear of that component?


In cases of relatively low overclocking there is no real effect on the life of the processor, when overclocking with high frequency and especially high voltage, then the impact on the lifetime of the component, but again, not at the level that will sustain life another year or three, so there is nothing to fear (Except in cases of extreme overclocking - extreme cooling).

Of course, it is also important to make sure that the temperature is normal along the way, in the resting state and effort.

as well SEARCH The forum can save you a lot of time and unnecessary questions, so use it before opening a discussion on any topic, thanks.

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