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Mafia II - Main discussion

~ BaRaK ~

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Hello friends I am in the annoying crying stage of the game.

This is the stage that Derek and Steve are asking me (Vito Scolta) to come with them to the harbor workers and look intimidating in front of the strike that will begin work.

One of the harbor workers tells me that Fat Derek is the one who killed my dad and then the game tells me I have to kill Derek and Steve in the harbor.

After 20 once killed me I was finally able to kill them and no one in the harbor is killing.

Now the game does not tell me where to go and no indication on the map, really stuck do not know where to go.

In the taskbar, he does say I have to rob shops or steal cars and give everything to Brosky.

That's what I did, I just went to the shops and robbed and drove to Brosky and he tells me he has no mission to give me and the map continues to give me no indications.

In short, really stuck ..... Anyone who knows the stage please help me I'm stuck I plowed the whole stage and found nothing

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Go back to the stage where you kill Derek in his office. You'll find money there in something like 50 a thousand dollars, after you take it you will have a relatively small debt so you will choose to rob stores or gas stations to get the money until you reach the amount you need.

My advice - just rob shops . They are the most profitable. Gas stations are the least.

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If I'm not mistaken they put it together so that the MAFIA 2 central figure is the same person who came to kill the MAFIA 1 central figure he betrayed his boss and turned him over to the police and after a few decades found him still and killed.

Besides that two games are not connected in their plot at all and you can play the second one without finishing the first one.

I think it is imperative to play the first only because it is the legendary and classic MAFIA game that the sequel couldn't get too close

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