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GTX460 after the OC was screwed


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New Day Card purchased with the computer: i5-760, mobo usb3 p55, 8GB DDR3

Excellent past so far. I would make him an OC for fun at low ranges and everything was fine.

I wanted to see how much performance performance the metro 2033 game will have and I added in MSI AFTERBURNER some poor 50 MHz and got into the game.

Everything is ruined, and not just in that but in every other game. I returned to the normal state of the card, not working. I downloaded 50MHz below normal, not working. I removed and reinstalled the driver and even with a driver sweeper, does not help. The driver is 260.99 I tried to return to 259 and also does not help. Several times I switched between the versions with all the options, nothing helps.

furmark Course When I run a stability test.

msi kombuster comes up with lots of artifacts.

Was 50 MHz enough to knock out my card?


I ran tests with occt. Over 100000 errors per second and after about 10 seconds receives a message that the driver is crashing.

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