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Thard digital stores

~ BaRaK ~

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Quietly EA raised the prices again, prices for new games in ORIGIN have risen from 50 Euro (63-65 $) to 60 EUR (approximately 75 $ as of today). Of course EA's games are available only in stores that agreed to raise the price accordingly (eg gamesplanet who want 50 pounds on SIMS 4). EA apparently did not understand the hint when everyone bought a way ...

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VPN has 2 uses:

1. Surf in a protected and anonymous way.

2. Access a program that is not available in your area of ​​residence.

What VPN does is make the rest of the world see as if you're being lumped from somewhere else. For example, if you choose an American VPN, the IP sites that you will see when you enter them are American IP. This will allow you, for example, to buy in stores according to the American price and not according to the price in your area, In NETFLIX / HULU. Also, someone will try to see what you are doing on the Internet (the NSA manager). He will see all the communications that pass through the same VPN server and will not be able to separate the information that comes from your server from all the information that passes through the server.

Some countries play very cheaply compared to the normal price (60 $), usually countries where the economic situation of the residents is not good (India or Thailand) or the percentage of illegal downloads are extremely high (Russia most of the games were up to burned discs and their price was according to the cost of discs ). In such a situation, companies prefer people to buy cheap prices rather than buy at all.

Of course it goes well by market size, Russia today is a very big market (to STEAM), on the other hand Vietnam and small countries then feel comfortable pounding us.

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Both EA and We do not like buying through a VPN and trying to make this process difficult. In the past in ORIGIN was very simple to connect to some country to want and buy, today they do do with it problems. I got to connect with some different VPN and EA learned to identify the more popular ones, if you try to connect with them the price you'll see at the end will be the price for the international (the excessive price in euros we normally see). They also check if you buy from different regions, from there it is their choice of what to do with this information, it's only a matter of time before they block the possibility of playing games that are not from your area ( Today).

I personally am not going to buy EA's games. If I knew I was buying a game from them then it was going to be awesome so I was ready to swallow it but let's be honest, I do not even remember when the last time they took out a game that worked properly (BF4 really no, DS3 no today, no SIMCITY, No BF3, the last NFS has nothing to talk about).

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