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Thard digital stores

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To- There are some models with a layout similar to that of the DS3. I mainly heard recommendations on F310 / F710

I went out to try some Chinese DS-like and that of the 360. I prefer the 360 layout is more convenient in my opinion, but what I have found out recently DPAD is poor and inaccurate cruise (at the level of I click to the right and what actually clicked it up + right)

To- There is also the advantage that there is a possibility to switch between direct input and xinput. Xinput is the 360 interface that has become standard and everyone supports it, and older games that do not support this interface can be replaced by direct input

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Will the above controller not cause compatibility issues?


With the addition of 60, you can buy the NIS While it is possible only in direct connection to the computer but is better and more convenient.

There is also a controller of Not bad but expensive.

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