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A text editor that fixes HTML \ PHP commands but free? (Like Komodo)


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The truth is, I'm looking for one. I'm tired of forgetting what; In PHP then I'm hour searching for where I was wrong ...

I tried the Eclipse and it really Overkill is just too heavy in relation to Notepad ++.

It would be nice if you could get some Notepad ++ plugin that would fix you.

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Walla does not know why but always for some reason I ignored Net Beans ... probably because she needs JDK.

Following your recommendations I downloaded it and it really warns about Syntax errors in PHP.

But I have not tested HTML as developed by Heather should ...

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Friend, you are looking for an HTML editor. There is no such thing as a text editor that fixes you. Maximum one that directs you (to close groups for example).

I recommend one for free and it is PAGEBREEZE


This is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that says:

What you see is what you get /

You can build "stupid" sites without a problem ... but the code will be on the face and the site will not work properly at all ...

For starters it's great.

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  • 2 weeks later ...

An excellent html editor in my opinion is visual studio express (free).

I know this software is designed for a lot more than just HTML, but it is just good, convenient and easy to use.

As for php, I have not yet found an editor that is good and simple. Every editor I tried was either too stupid or completely overkill.

I've tried: netbeans, eclipse, crimson, zend editor, php designer and more ....

I'm currently with phpstorm and it's nice, I'm still researching it.

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