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The AppStore for Mac

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After the AppStore for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) became the central part of the operating system, causing a tremendous push of the amount and quality of applications and games to the platform, Decided it was time to create a similar platform for her desktops and laptops.

The AppStore For those who have not seen it to date, this is a repository of software and games, which provides a large number of lists and filters to find the applications you want. Sort by categories, license type (pay / free), newest apps, hot apps, recommendations and so'.

The AppStore allows downloading downloads and regular updates of all applications installed through it, so that even if some applications can be obtained in different ways, in terms of the most advanced it would be smarter to install them through it.

In addition, I believe that Apple is careful to perform strict quality control prior to uploading to its database, as it is known to do (in an exaggerated manner) in its AppStore database to.

So how do you install?

The X -UMNX 10.6.6 system can be run by the 10.6.5 software. 10.6 is recommended to install the latest version of Combo (10.6.4, The Combo file can be downloaded from here).


Familiarity with the Mac AppStore interface:

At the initial login you will need to login with itunes account or create a new one.

For those who wish to create an account without a credit card (download free content or use itunes gift cards only) can be done by attempting to download If you are asked to enter a user name and password, you will create an account from there, the list of payment methods will be added to none.

The AppStore main page includes the most popular lists. (Which paid Apple money to appear there; D) and on the right are the top 10 most popular downloadable apps, and the free download for free.

In the top menu you will find the complete lists of popular apps (more than ten as shown on the main page), and filtering by categories and sub-categories (for example games, and games -> Sports).

As well as the least important button, Update, to update all the applications you have installed through the AppStore so far.


Click on image to enlarge

Have you found any software or game you really liked? You are welcome to share them all in the forum : xyxthumbs:

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