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Forum rules and useful links

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Welcome to the Macintosh Forum,

In the forum you can discuss everything related to Apple desktop, laptop, Apple TV, Apple OS and third party software.

Also, there is a "Macintosh" (installing the Apple operating system on regular PC computers) because it is not an original Macintosh and requires different settings - you are asked to discuss the issue only inside the pin.

For specific questions about comparing Mac to PC (for example, is there a program comparable to Office Mac) you can open a discussion in the forum, all the other stupid and pointless fights of Mac vs. There is a dedicated and dedicated PC Are required Just discuss there!

The rules of the Macintosh forum are the same as all the rules of the site. If you have not already done so, you are invited to read them before posting a discussion.

For your convenience we have gathered a number of useful discussions / sites.

Major news sites on Apple products: - a site dealing with rumors about the release of new Apple products - A site that includes tips and tweaks for Apple computers - The site design center that are dressed on the operating system

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