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Battlefield 3 - Preliminary discussion


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Thanks for the KEY CD for PS3 :D

I downloaded 25%, downloaded only 1.173G (as usual much smaller than the download on the computer). Just do not stop downloading at 512M, my console is causing problems ...

I'm dying to sleep but I think I'll stay for the game : smile1:

Beta Rolls to PS3 ???

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Hi, my name is Amy. How can I help you?

Yigal Kron: hi i preordered BF3 from origin but have yet to receive the beta access code

Yigal Kron:

which I should have gotten 2 days ago

Amy: I sincerely regret any inconvenience caused due to this issue.

Amy: I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience but the tool through which we could pull up your Account / Order details (as per situation) is presently not functioning. We are expecting this tool to be functional again in an hour or two. I would appreciate if you could please get back to us after an hour or two in order to get better assistance in this matter.

Yigal Kron:

is there a way you could just email me the code when it's available. I don't want to be quoted for over an hour again ...

Yigal Kron:

queued *

Amy: PLease try to contact via phone support or drop an email to our email support.

Yigal Kron:

what's the support email?

Amy: Answer Title: Technical support for other countries and languages ​​Answer Link:

Yigal Kron: Thanks

Amy: Welcome

Amy: Have a great day

Amy: Good bye!


Samuel: Hi, my names are Samuel. How can I help you?

Yigal Kron: hi

Yigal Kron: Sorry

Yigal Kron: hi in preordered BF3 from but have yet to receive the beta access code which i should have gotten 2 days ago

Samuel: I sincerely apologize, as the tools to generate the code are down. I'll send you the code via email on your ID as soon as the tools are up. Or you can get back to us within 4-5 hours.

Yigal Kron: please email me the code. I don't want to be queued for an hour + again

Samuel: As soon as the tools would be up, I'll send you the code via email.

Yigal Kron: thank you.

Samuel: Your welcome. It was my pleasure to assist you.

Samuel: Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts support today.

Samuel: Take care, bye.

Yigal Crown: bye

Samuel has disconnected.

Probably EA is Ehhh Ahhhhh's Chief!

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I don't buy the game either And BATTLELOG, their use is very uncomfortable and disruptive.

A few months ago GABE said they would not stop trying to find a solution to the problem with EA and return all their games to . At the moment EA hasn't released their movie yet, it seems to me that it will only happen after BF3 or MW3 is released.

At the moment it is quite clear that the launch of BF3 will be far from class, EA can hardly get along with BETA closed and I believe tomorrow we will see more and more difficult problems (open BETA will be late, servers will fall, speed will be bad, etc.). I believe that after all the problems with launch and the problems with BATTLELOG to EA you will not be clear and will return With the tail between the legs please help.

If I remember correctly the launch of BLOPS has been quite smooth (at least on STEAM's side), I believe this year will see an improvement again compared to the previous year, Upgrade their servers and the software itself in the last year.


I finished Haroid BETA for PS3, starting to play : smile1:

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If the computer version is similar to the PS3 version then the situation is very bad :P

The knife does not work properly.

Need a lot of vulnerability to kill (BC2 a lot) and most importantly, every now and then there is 1 HIT KILL.

I need to sit a meter off the screen (40 ″) because if you don’t see anything.

HIT DETECTION is limited like BLOPS.


In short, not something :P The Alpha was better ... Too bad they touched > :(

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