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What kind of game is the NFS series of the latest best news?


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Need for speed undercover - I think the best in the series ever, nice plot control fun lots of cars and loads of improvements to a great world and a huge selection of racing types, excellent graphics.

Not so new but I think it takes a big time.

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Since most wanted everything down hill.

Also MW was not the most that was lacking any graphic design of cars, hydraulics, neon etc ...

But a game with the best plot in my opinion from all games in the series.

The truth is that I recently got to play a bit in a hot pursuit and it's kind of, there's no plot, you can not upgrade cars but control is reasonable, good graphics.

I did not like Shifet, not the first one at least.

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Everything that has come out since carbon is worse for me ... For some reason it's hard for me to connect to this series when there is no plot.

But I actually enjoyed the new hot pursuit, even though it had no plot - great cars, control and graphics. I found the game also very challenging relative to other racing games I tried, there is not the thing here that every race you leave the competitors in some 50 a pound in the back, here everyone is on your tail. It is addictive and hard to leave it. :P

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I did not think there was such a course except the HOT PURSUIT, with your game not original I would suggest buying the original and playing against live people and not against bots, I realized it was such a fun that there is no driving game at his level of course online.

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