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NFS: The Run is more than a racing game


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

It will look the same BLACK BOX will not make a special version for the computer, maybe higher resolutions and things like that but in general will look the same. I'm also pretty sure that at first there will be performance issues and even a lack of mouse support in the main menu.

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The entire infantile scene of the Cinematic Moments during the race itself is unnecessary.

Another title in the series. I wonder when they'll give up.

: xyxthumbs: How this brand manages to stay alive and well is really unclear.

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A combination of UNDERGROUND and MIRROR AGE?

I was so excited about the map at first, I thought the game was really going to be a race from city to city, but apparently that's not exactly it.

Anyone who knows teckademics who invents a game with racing around and such cars I kiss his hands!

Don't expect too much anyway.

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The first MW races were on inter-city roads, where it's fun just to see the 200 mph, I'm not used to driving so fast on the roads here in Israel : smile1: Later in the game you have moved to more street races, more sharp turns and stuff, where you have to be alert ...

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