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Galaxy Nexus, Anroid 4.0 and more, the concentrated discussion.


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As befits the season of launches, a new focus is being developed on Galaxie (Why not PRIME? :) ) And ICS 4.0, which were presented today morning.

All your information and reservations please register here, try to keep the discussion in matter-of-fact issues, and idle arguments about Apple vs. Will lead to the rapid lock of Hathard, we can argue about it without exhausting or repeating ourselves.

I'll start by saying that the new Nexus, too, seems to be a disappointment to many, from the processor that fails to surprise until the camera continues to stand on 5.0 and probably does not offer exceptional quality.

And what about Hebrew already ??!

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There were no big expectations in hardware (except for the screen) so there was not much room to be disappointed (except for the size - a device bigger than SGS2 ???)

On the other hand, it seems that the software field has many improvements (led by full graphical acceleration - at last)

Total - looks not bad

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According to all the sources, there is support for graphic acceleration and multiplicity of cores. It is strange that there is no more information on the subject.

Waiting to hear about the subject of Hebrew and alignment to the right ...

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