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Links to scientific and technological information sites and sources


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Here, links to various sites containing information, articles, studies, videos, photos, and anything related to science and technology will be collected.

If anyone has additional resources, I would be happy to publish them here and I will authorize the good ones to the main page.

Science and Technology:

Popular science - American monthly magazine containing articles on science and technology. Displays all news, articles, and opinion columns on everything

Happening in the world.

In google books you can find all the issues since it was published in 1872 (!!!).

Technology Review - MIT News & Technology News. Focuses on computerization, energy, communications, medicine, and more.

Physorg - also a technology news site that publishes dozens of articles by researchers and scientists in a variety of fields such as physics, earth sciences, space,

Engineering, mathematics, and more. The articles are presented in a convenient language and with pictures.

TED - a site aimed at "spreading ideas". Introduces new topics, inventions, developments and ideas in the form of lectures. recommended!

Weizmann Institute - Information about the Institute's activities, interesting articles on various subjects, pictures and more.

How do things work? - Have you ever wondered what happens in the particle accelerator? Or, how many helium balloons do you need to get up? On this site you can get answers on

All these things and thousands of things we did not know how they worked or how they were created.

The news - an excellent Israeli site that contains articles and news on a variety of fields in science and focuses mainly on what is happening in Israel.

waves - a site that focuses on providing information about science and technology, especially for children, but everyone can learn a lot from it. The site is very friendly and presents things in a simple and easy to understand way.

Adolink - Contains many articles in simple and easy-to-understand language. Contains many presentations that help in understanding the material intuitively and palpably.

Brainpop - A recommended learning site that contains videos in various fields. Its purpose is to bring knowledge and science closer to everyone. The site is paid.

Technological Calcalist - articles on current affairs of technology and computers, focuses on their economic aspect (not only!).


Not accurate - a wonderful blog by Gadi Alexandrovich in which he publishes a series of posts on various topics in mathematics. It presents different ideas and topics and presents them

His point of view. His writing is fascinating and interesting, he attacks seemingly boring subjects and presents them intuitively and attractively.

g-math - a site that focuses on bringing the learning material to the surfer in a simple and clear way. Contains interactive presentations and animations. Anyone who needs help for adulthood

Or just learn to find this site blessed.

Davidson Weizmann Weizmann Institute of Science. Contains a new puzzle every week. Very challenging and suitable for everyone.

At the address this You will find questions and answers from experts. You can also ask a question you always wanted to ask and you did not have whom. recommended!

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