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Cooling - all you need and want to know!


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In this spin we will concentrate all the information regarding refrigeration, whether it is software that is relevant for testing and more.

Temperature monitoring software:

Real Temp - Software for appropriate temperature monitoring only To Intel processors from the Core series to today.

Core Temp - Temperature monitoring software suitable for Intel and AMD processors.

HWMonitor - Software for monitoring the temperature of all components on the computer processor \ video card \ motherboard \ hard drives and more.

Speed ​​fan - Software for monitoring the temperature of all the components in the computer Processor / video card \ motherboard \ hard drives and more, allows control over fans,

See the manual The virtues of SpeedFan + control software for fans

* Note that stress is not important in the various programs, tensions are measured only with professional equipment (eg multimeter).

Suggestions for temperature improvement

You have performed temperature tests and found that it exceeds the recommended range. Here are some ways to improve the temperature:

* "Refreshing" The Thermal Cream - After a long period of time (usually for a few years), the thermal ointment between the heat sink and the component tends to dry out and significantly loses its effectiveness. Therefore, if you have experienced temperature problems for a few years, you should check the possibility of refreshing the thermal cream.

* Dust cleaning - Clean the dust from the ribs of various cooling elements on various components of the computer, clean dust from air intake / air ventilators, and the accumulated dust in the chassis grilles that can block a certain amount of air coming in / out of the case.

* Arrange wires in the package - Arrange the wires so that they are as few scattered as possible, as little as the exhaust line of the ventilators and the enclosure space.

* Correct circulation and fan arrangement in the case - Proper arrangement of fans can lead to a drastic decrease in temperature, as well as the chassis and all components requiring minimum circulation. In order to disperse the air in the package, the circulation can be read in the manual this.

* The fan is noisy or stuck - Try to revive the situation by lubricating the bassist, you will read the manual HERE.

If you tried unsuccessfully, try running a forum search. You may encounter a similar problem that has been resolved. Of course, if any attempt is unsuccessful, open the forum.

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