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Has anyone moved to Golan / Hot in recent times without problems?


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There are innumerable discussions in the forum where there are experiences beyond.

Please look for them and read there.

In general, it seems that most customers do not have significant problems that are not resolved in a short time.

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We ordered 4 lines

3 was navigated without any problem within 3 hours, everything running including internet / calls / SMS and other vegetables, the latter took them time to start the portability, but once we started roaming within a few hours.

There was no situation where we were left without a line or with a partially functioning line.

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Hot, we ordered 2 lines online:

1. At first they contacted us and said they had to go to a service center and opened a new order. The next day we called to coordinate a courier, and as of now we have 2 Sims on one customer card and another SIM card with 2 Sims but never collected (one day we will go to a service center and close it).

2. That came from the Sims we were told to call 230 stars. It took us two days to get them, and for a few days there was some technical problem that prevented them from moving.

3. The problem was resolved in one of the lines and from the moment the portability within 3 hours exactly (even slightly less) the portability was completed without any problem.

4. The second line took a few more days to solve the problem. We are told that the portability began and within 6 hours will be completed. In practice, nothing happened. The day after that the process was restarted and completed without any problem.

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On Sunday I carried two lines to the Golan without any problem. Golan Mivtachim that it will take about 3 hours and that's exactly what took the two lines. As soon as I got EMAIL from them that the Mobility was complete, I changed the SIM and there was no problem - getting and sending calls to both destinations without the problem.

In addition, after for years the invoices I received from Orange included at least 7 pages with endless details and explanations, it's strange to get an invoice Which is spread out on exactly one page ... without small letters and without surprises.

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Recently I've seen a lot of messages from people who have undergone mobility without problem, I think the problems are over.

The pressure also seems to have calmed down - I signed up for the Golan yesterday afternoon. Already in the evening the status of the invitation has changed to "SIM SENDED"!

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great, thanks. Seems like they really are under pressure now ..

By the way, someone sees a reason why move to the Golan Heights and not eager (or vice versa)

Right now it's about speed Of Golan (because of Pele-Phone) and cheaper prices of HOT

Second generation, overseas calls, a much wider 2100 frequency deployment (Hot Mobile working on 850 on a wide scale and 2100 in a compact layout), a simple and simple account management system with every option you want, every change is immediate. , For once give you full control over your account, and do not need to call for any nonsense and change.

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There is also the issue of HOTSPOT, which Golan apparently does not object to, nor does it declare an option to reduce speed in the future (the speech in Hot Mobile is about reducing the speed to 64KBPS, although at the moment it is not enforced according to what is here ...)

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Right now it's about speed Of Golan (because of Pele-Phone) and cheaper prices of HOT

You made a whole salad.

Pelephone in general "belongs" to HOT Mobile and not to the Golan.

The advantage of Mobile is cheaper in 10 NIS and the theoretical fact that their Internet seems to be faster (I have used enough words in theory and so on?)

Golan's advantage is in service (convenient service through the site), in the fact that in contrast to your eager Internet, you are not limited to connecting to the computer, the fact that you receive unlimited calls abroad (a marginal and negligible detail ...) and of course you support a company that tries to make a revolution Real consumers, and not one of the tycoons.

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Milford, minus and minus = plus;

I must mention several things:

1. Internet Hoot currently works for me at speeds ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 MB Download and 1-2.8 Mega Upload. I do not know how much it is because of the hardware of the device (which I limited to 7.2 Mega Download and upload 5.6) and how much it is because of the infrastructure, and the titering speeds are usually higher.

2. Implied from the 1 clause * still * no restrictive tetring. The day they limit to the Golan will be a new customer (the reason I am currently in Hot is not the 10 per month).

3. Hot's service is really on the face now, and the advantage of a huge website like the Golan is ... tremendous. Achieving the hot spot of this nightmare and every little action requires it. I tend to believe that they too will have some kind of Internet system in the not too distant future (because they can not stay so behind when 4 their big competitors offer fully functional websites and some also For smartphones with some of the same functionality).

5. Going eager is about supporting the tycoons, going to the Golan is supposedly to fight them. However, no one will have a doubt - though Michael Golan branding himself as one who really wants to make a revolution but on the bottom line his goal is to make money and a lot, no less than the tycoons. He simply introduces himself as the "knight" who comes to make the change.

6. Finally, regarding free calls abroad, the service is currently not active in the Golan, since they are not yet an active international operator (they got involved with the bureaucracy), just like . Yet Has already announced that once it receives an international operator's approval and completes all the bureaucracy (and this will happen + together with Golan) it will also market a package at 99 that will be identical to the cheaper package, but will include a call to a similar number of destinations abroad, The big question is whether there are really a lot of private customers who really need this level that it would be worth them another 10 shekel per month.

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Milford, minus and minus = plus;

Minus and minus = minus

Minus minus = plus

So how's the Technion going, eh? :P

About Golan, I do not think it's still a matter of tycoons or tycoons, it's about price, conditions, and compensation.

The Israeli client loves service centers, and likes service representatives to complain to, but at least have someone to complain about nothing. This in my opinion is the main reason Hut recruited a little more customers from the moment

In practice, why do not we like the tycoons? Because they are wringing out a lot of money unjustly. A person who hates another person just because he is rich is just a zealot, who is being squeezed out of a job for a service that undoubtedly has to cost less, that is justified.

but now, Mobile, a tycoon as it may be, offers a very attractive package at a great price, not only for the local market, but also for the world. Until a few months ago, relatively heavy users with 1000 + minutes spent closing accounts on 300, and more if they wanted to surf at a reasonable speed.

The cellular market has made a completely crazy turnaround and has been very cheap and cheap in less than a month. That does not mean that Michael Golan is some kind of knight on a white horse who comes here to do everyone good, but the fact that he started rolling this snowball still exists. Come here to make money? To have fun, as long as his company provides me with the service I want at a fair price, we are both satisfied.

The bottom line is that it does not matter who joins, that everyone will make the calculation according to the terms of service

In terms of operation, as soon as the networks are deployed, the conditions will be almost identical - the surfing speed will be the same, the bandwidth of the package is the same, the price of the "expensive" packages is the same, the price of the packages is very similar, and a similar deployment is planned.

Those who want representatives and service centers will go eager, those who want to manage themselves alone will go to the Golan.

By the way, something else about Golan's overseas services - in addition to unlimited landline talks in selected countries, their ruming prices in Europe are just funny.

35 agorot per minute. This is less than what I paid recently at Cellcom for a minute in the country. Also, surfing abroad is relatively cheap, but instead of God knows how many other companies, so if you get stuck abroad with an urgent need for the Internet (and this happens - for example you have to find a taxi immediately for the airport or something) And not a few hundred shekels, we all know these stories.

The most expensive price I have seen is from Thailand if I remember correctly, 1.25 NIS per minute Offer something similar?

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