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Recommended apps for Android


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According to my search, no one seems to have recommended it yet Viper's Audio. So I recommend : Cheesy:. A free DSP application (requires a root) with lots of voice processing options, which even an audiophob like me can see improves quality for some of them. Try and enjoy - if not, your money will be returned to you!

Late addition: But the battery will hold a little less time, so take that into account.

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As a user of , That one of the most frustrating things about me is that I can not zoom into images in the Instagram, and I think I'm not the only one who is frustrated by it.

I found it necessary to recommend this application after sending me a link to the WatchPap group to make other users happy.

And it does not matter if the application was only raised today, and if it was developed by Israelis, the hitch is right, if we do not give the Israeli developers what it means to us?

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