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Recommended apps for Android


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People without an all-inclusive package that close a cellular account of less than 20 a month.

I identify with you (maybe scratching the 50 under pressure in a difficult month) but people like us rarely send SMS in quantities that justify engaging with The purpose of this SMS is that the 10 costs NIS 1.

I still find myself using occasional TEXT2ME but it is decreasing ...

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People without an all-inclusive package that close an account Of less than 20 per month.

Also in these cheap packages SMS costs 10 cents.

If 10 Agorot is what will break you then I am small.

Besides, this application sends the SMS over the Internet, so you need a beta package.

This in any case will "cost" you something. Or SMS or data volume.

And besides, #2, if you're already using Internet messaging, you'll use WatSAP and that's it.

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Say, what's your point?

Are you trying to prove to me that in every situation you can find the way to be stingy? Great, you won :)

Feel free to continue using curved ways to save 10 cents on sending SMS as a person :)

(By the way, I still have not seen anyone in my contact list who does not have a WTSAP, except maybe all kinds of work phones and stuff, and my grandparents)

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Enter the key? This Thunder is the best Android app. You will not publish advertising to your apps.

When an app is published here, it should be ... recommended.

And if it has no logical use in our time, then I do not understand what the problem is in expressing an opinion against it.

Again, it 's théd recommendations on . It does not thrash "hand holding" and encouragement / mental support for developers.

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