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Guild Wars 2 - Main Discussion (last update at the bottom of the main post - 30 / 8)


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The expectation is over! The sequel to the game Guild Wars 1 received an official date of departure:

: jump: Launch date - 28.8.2012, Tuesday from 10: 00

(25.8.2012, Saturday from 10: 00 to early buyers) : jump:


About the Game:

The game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

It's a network role-playing game that is played with lots of other people (like many MMO games in recent years).

But stop - do not think you've heard and seen everything. This game is unlike any other MMO game you have seen.

1. Because we are Israelis, the first thing I will write here is There is no monthly fee. Buy and Play.

2. The world will be affected by your actions. That is, if you fail to help people in the game (real or NPC), entire places will be changed by the enemies, whole areas will not be accessible to anyone from the server, vendors, NPCs and taskmasters will not be accessible as well.

3. There is no Questing. The game has been designed to encourage you to wander and not pursue Quest Hubs.

When you travel, you'll find random events along the way that you'll need to complete (only if you want) and get points .

4. There is no more imbalance. High-level characters coming to low levels will receive a reduction of all your data to be equal to the level.

You can not get to the 40 level and start killing everything in the 10 level in one shot.

I think this is a great step that will leave the game challenging even in areas you missed.

5. Breeds and professions - there are 5 breeds that can be any of the eight professions that a game has to offer.

In order from right to left: Norn, Human, Sylvary, Asura, Charr


Each of the races can play any of the following professions:

Necromancer / Warrior / Mesmer / Guardian / Engineer / Elementalist / Ranger / Thief

Link to a channel with short videos on all subjects:

The Ranger | Guild Wars 2 Professions

There's a lot more to say, so I'll just attach a few videos so you do not have to read a lot. The game was developing from 2007 (yes, 5 development years) and here are some videos about what they have done:

Teaser Trailer For The Game:

The Manifesto video (what the Arena Net promises to players) of the company:

10 Reasons to be interested in the game:

Guild Wars 2 - Top 10 Reasons to be Concerned

Video impression:

Video Creation (1080p):

A video about the various characters and professions:

Guild Wars 2 - 1080p - All Professions Skills

* Everything you see was filmed within the game itself with the graphics engine of the game.

Video Release Date:

*All videos you've seen are taken from Beta, so there may be changes until the game is released. In general, there should be no far-reaching changes.

The company's game site

The main wiki page for the game:

Company Twitter Account:!/GuildWars2

Minimum system requirements: *The game is still optimized and therefore the requirements can change until the game is released.

OS: Windows® Service Pack 2 or better

CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3, 64 X2, or better

Memory: 2 GB RAM

GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI X1800, Intel HD 3000, or better (256MB of video and shader model 3.0 or better)

Hard Drive Space: 25 GB available HDD space

LAN: Broadband connection Other

Keyboard and mouse

If you have not looked, I strongly recommend looking for a game online and see what it offers. There are lots of sites and lots of videos on About the Game.



The Israeli community finally decided that they would play on the server Gunners Hold.

Switching between servers is free at the moment until server populations stabilize.

In order to switch to a server, you will need to select the server you wish to play while creating your new character (after the game is released).

Today (30 / 8) will be updated from 10: 00 in the morning clock .

The servers will be closed to 20 for up to 60 minutes.

As of now we know that there are certain problems with the Party and Guilds system.

In addition, the Trading Post is currently disabled for technical support.

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Aside from the fact that it is much harder for me to invest a lot of time in one game in recent years (besides competitive online games), the MMORPG is not really different from each other and in the months it takes you to get to END GAME you just do more and more quest based on the same thing

Warhammer's "special" quests or his RVR (based on great and special ideas) were not enough to get me to play

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If you like the style and your problem is time then you should look again at GW2.

This is not a "normal" MMO. The fun in this game starts from the first level rather than the last.

Maybe the game needs to gain some momentum and his name will go before him ...

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If you like the style and your problem is time then you should look again at GW2.

This is not a "normal" MMO. The fun in this game starts from the first level rather than the last.

Maybe the game needs to gain some momentum and his name will go before him ...

I agree with him, in addition also you can play PVP in a normal way cheating 1 you do not have to plow for playing PVP ....

And in my opinion the game has a crazy potential in the Guilds Pvp and I believe it will someday reach ESL and so on ...

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Ok thank you.

And you will hear when I entered in STRESS TEST The races I could choose are only CHARR NORD and HUMAN, how do I do ANLOCK to ASURE (this little breast)? The greatest racial axiom lol

I know that an Israeli GUILD is planning to open, because if I am happy to be in it, all the guilds that invited me to them are American and I play with the EU servers, probably ...

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You can not select the two additional races at the moment.

Wait until the game comes out ...

I do not know about Israelis in the game.

As you notice, for some reason the response here is pretty low. Perhaps there is an Israeli community on another site:

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If you find out let me know that to whom what I understood until now when I played, GUILD or simply playing with people you know can make the game a lot much much more fun than it is alone, so Bali community like this :)

At maximum we will not establish my brother lol

As for the races, we will not have to do anything right? It's without Anlok or Masho, when the game just came out will be them?

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