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Modding and Sliding Tools - What's on the market, what's recommended and what to stay away from :-)


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I do not understand what you do not understand.

Today you have a Slave (Rink or what you call it, a foreign sleeve) + power cord (4 colors in standard MOLEX) + tools to put the Shrink on the cable.

I asked if there was a company that sold drums of a good few meters of power cord with a ready-made rink.

All you need is a cut to measure

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He basically asks if it is possible to buy a large amount of Mosselb cable in advance and only cut and make Crump by length.

The answer is no, because of the way the Slyb sits on the thread, it is not glued but stretched between the two ends of the thread with no Hitchrunk (similar method) so that if you cut a muslin thread in the middle of the salib will be destroyed.

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Hot Hot From Loutre's Pace:

Ok guys, time for another small giveaway.

The next 4 orders to order a criminal, a wire stripper, and a original molex tool, and flush cutter - get a free 200 feet hank of the 550 paracord new stock of their choice (I can split colors) and 50 female terminals on the house to get their sleeving job up and going!

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In general, anyone who wants to do Substantial supply its power and everything surrounding (front panel, fans, etc.) need a tool for pin pressing (CRIMPING TOOL). In the market there are 3 main models + the original tool of the MOLX. Here in Israel you can not get these tools. I was in all the stores on Mount Zion and the only one who had something approaching it was 'Electronics Mount Zion' and even then the tool did not fit. They all look the same so it's misleading! : hi:


The first model is that of Molex itself:


What is surprising is that the original tool is not necessarily the best tool! More about this later. This is also the place to note that the connection between the nature of the pressure and its price is not necessarily direct. The company sells mainly to factories and therefore its cost to the private user is $ 200, yes what you heard. : screwy:

It is also time to note that the importer of Molax to Israel is a company called Telesis. This company is mostly familiar to businesses, but if they have something in stock, then even an occasional customer can come in and buy. They sit in Kiryat Atidim, Tel Aviv. :)

After this tool we arrive at the three sane options. The first option is the performance tool (The blue tool). This tool is named Hans Long and costs something like 40-50 $ after delivery. This tool not recommended For the reason that he presses the wings of the penis on each other instead of folding them in the form of M into the insulation of the cable.

The next option is SN-28B (orange tool). This tool is much better. Costs about $ 40 with free shipping on eBay and MODDIY.COM.

The last and best option is the tool of Nils Pappeka of MDPC (the black tool). This tool costs approximately EUR 60 with delivery. Yes, according to 2 from the other tools. This tool is more accurate than the SN-28B and should actually give the closest result to the original tool. Niles, of MDPC, decided that at the beginning of 2013, he stopped selling these tools. In fact, he has already stopped producing them and in the current inventory inventory will no longer be able to obtain his tool. To give a good value for money, Niels provides a number of samples with self-pressure samples, plus genuine MOLX pins for ATX (male and female, 50 pins of any kind!) And 60 female pins for fans! The tool comes ready to use, no need to make any change in its direction, but simply click.

In the next picture you can see how each tool presses pin to wire. Top-down order: SN-B28, after that MDPC and last HANS LONG:


You can see that the MDPC tool makes the best click.

The question is over: The tools here - http://peledtech.com/catalog_signet/#/149-148/ It's not the same thing. Because if it does, it's a huge price difference, and it's a quality company.

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