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Apps and games - your developments!


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[h = 1] Smart Screenshot - Great for cutting and sharing screenshots and saving from instagram [/ h]

A screenshot is a common action on your smartphone.

Many times it is necessary to share the screenshot, cut, mark or just keep the information for future use.

Smart Screenshot is Easy and useful for managing screenshots:

After a screenshot, the app will open automatically And will enable cutting, marking and sharing in a simple and fast manner.

You do not need to enter the gallery to share or edit the screen to cut or mark.

The app also contains a convenient gallery for managing screenshots.

For Instagram lovers , You can save an image from the instagram screen to the device's gallery in 2 seconds.

To take a screenshot, select the image by using the Crop tool 1: 1 and save.



Link download from Google Play:

YouTube video:

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Hello friends,

I'm happy to publish a game here that I developed, I've already downloaded the 5 1000 downloads (tomorrow will be updated on PlayStore) :)

The Walls Escape

A fun game for all genders and ages.

Currently only available to Android, I hope to release a version of IOS soon.

I will be happy if you pick up and download and upgrade 5 stars :)

Link to the game -

Link from Android devices -

Demo Video:


Edited By John Payne
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  • 6 months later ...

Dear developers,
I want to introduce you to the ShopperZ shared shopping list app. (Blue and White)
What is special about it is that the notes are synchronized among all the members in real time (spouses, friends) + there Of the products. All in Hebrew, blue and white.




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  • 1 month later ...

Hello everyone. I developed a game and I will tell about it briefly.
The game is called Lost In Space, the game is in the Puzzle category and is free.
The game has a board (there are currently only steps of 5X5)
The board has the player (which is a robotic alien species) and meteors.
In the middle of the board there is a bright red ball and the goal is for the player to reach the middle of the ball.
You can move both the player and the meteors, but you can move any character only in the direction that there is another character.
The rules are like an old game called Lunar Lockout.
I would be happy if you download, play, rate and tell me what you think :-)




Edited By ablix
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  • 2 months later ...


Peace ;)
I decided to develop Organized, efficient and convenient way to manage work shifts. 
The most important thing - It is free and free of advertisements!

About the app:

- The application is fully adapted to shift employees, the detailed settings menu allows you to set the application to your work place in the optimal way.

Smart, simple and easy to use everyday.

- The application is fully adapted to the law (hourly wage adjustment, overtime, Saturday hours, breaks, etc.), so that you can calculate the salary in the most accurate way. 

- The shift page allows you to keep track of your work shifts so you can compare it to your employer's monthly details and find out if there are any shifts.

- Possibility to manage up to 3 jobs. 

- The application will be updated frequently, according to the changes in the law (hourly salary 25.94 NIS)

Basic usage instructions:

1) Enter the name of the workplace used in the application.
2) Adjusts the application to the work place on the "Settings" page.
3) Entering the shift is performed by pressing and holding the blue fingerprint.
4) Exit the shift - by pressing and holding the red fingerprint After pressing, the clock will stop and the shift will be added to my shift page.

More options :
-Add a manual shift. 
- Viewing a monthly summary report that includes detailed details of wage components, working hours and monthly decreases.
- Backup data with a click.
- Data recovery.


I would be very happy to hear comments / reviews and recommendations.

Thank you.

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  • 2 months later ...







Hello everyone. I wanted to show you two games I built

================================================== ============
One: "Smart Numbers"Or"Numbers of wisdom"Replication of 2048, I just wanted to restore an algorithm in CONSTRUCT2. It's true that there are 1KK clones of it, and that the algorithm has long been in GitHub and it is also possible to purchase the code for every possible platform (also for construct2) but I wanted to" To build my own theme park with blackjack and ho * kers "So do not throw tomatoes at me: *)

================================================== ============
Game Two "Hero vs Square"Or"Heroes vs Squares"Variation to STICK HERO but really different ...

PS "Wisdom Numbers" has a total number of words but there is a translation into several languages ​​including Hebrew

================================================== ============ Heroes vs Squares Numbers of wisdom

================================================== ============


: penguin:  I would really appreciate it if you download, add results to the Leaderboard, upgrade and give an opinion  : penguin:


Edited By Nagval333
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  • 5 months later ...

An application I developed called CROP O CROP. I stopped working on her because I do not see how I'm doing her "flight" right now. But it is free and useful in my opinion.

it's simple That makes MASK elements in pictures and helps cut them.

If you have any ideas on how to make this app more useful to the general public I am open to suggestions.




Edited By Sargon
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-= Space elevator או Elevator Space =-

For some time I've been trying to finish some puzzle games, and to rest from them (because I can no longer see them laugh.gif) I decided to build a small casual game with simple mechanics in the style of building a tower to its height. So you know Space elevator או Elevator Space A simple and unique casual game where you have to build the highest elevator on earth.

This is the final version .... now has a beautiful gradient color .... can compete with Ketchapp :D


g5989.png g10046.png g10088.png g10091.png
g10571.png g11639.png image4443.png image6131.png

: penguin:I would be happy if you lowered and upgraded smile.gif: penguin:
I would also be happy if you would respond here and write what you think, what to improve,

The game NB also has the option to post results on Leaderboard And share your friends on-Twitter and-Facebook

? url = 2Fimagehosting% 2Fima


Edited By Nagval333
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Hello everyone, about a week ago I launched an Android app called Jetans ,

Jetans She Social questions and answers, where you can do the following:

1. Create your own user profile.
2. Ask questions accompanied by Or without, and add your own answers if you are interested in "American test" or simply let users answer you.
3. Answer questions from people around the world, and filter by category, language, or location from which the question was posted.
4. Create groups.
5. Follow people and follow you there.
Watch your questions.
7. Manage favorites.
8. Getting coupons.

About Me:

My name is Amit Shadadi, Senior Software Engineer, developer in C # environment, 

I entered the Android field a few months ago and this application is my first product in the applications field, 

I assume that some of you will be less connected to the idea / design / functionality, I am making tremendous efforts to close gaps in front of the capabilities given today by developers
I would be happy if you could express support for the app by 

Like the following Facebook page:
Link to Facebook page

And of course downloading and using (because motion is very critical at the beginning of everything), Link to the Flistor:

Link to download page in filistre

Very grateful to those of you who are willing to help.

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  • 1 month later ...

Animal Puzzle (Logic and Nature)




Animal puzzle, a little different from other puzzles  :D 

 , Construct2)Graphics from-graphicriver And a little by b(Inkscape-



Google Play:


If you liked them, I'd be happy if you upgraded  :)







Edited By Nagval333
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Finally Excellent simple and fast user experience.

If you have a gate at the entrance to the garage at home / at work, a gate you need to dial to open it is for you!

I know the situation of getting to the entrance to the parking lot and start entering contacts, searching, searching for "house gate", select and only then dial.
Tired and tired!

A great and useful application, saving the number to dial easily. 
All you have to do is click the Open button!

And she even disconnects herself, I arrived at the checkpoint at home, I pressed and the cellular phone is free and I already parked 


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  • 7 months later ...

BRAWL game development. Both for PC and mobile. Mobile, but we need a gimpad at the moment.

The PC control is an arrow to the left, right and up. , 'For protection' and '.' To attack. The second (local) player is ASDW and GH.


It is possible to play online on a small server. But it's not certain there will be players.

There is a possibility to play against a computer with AI. But the AI ​​a bit ... traumatized than I did to him. (This AI ML is still under development).

And there is a possibility to play local against a friend.

In an online game you can play more than two opponents. Local and against the computer is only two opponents.


Jump once also attacks. Double on the jump is DOUBLE JUMP, but it does not hurt.

You can do twice walking in a certain direction and then it runs. And if you press while running this attack rolls.


If you can play against a friend and give feedback it's best.

(Should I post this to another place to post feedback?)


Anyway, here's the link:

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  • 4 months later ...

Still coming in next to 2 every time to bounce ads?

This app allows you to bounce all your 2nd hand ads with one click.
At this time, it's not possible to automatically pop-up, but app sign-up is one-off so there's no need to sign in next to 2 at a time.
In addition, the jump is for all ads together, unlike the site where the jump is one by one.

Store app link:
HandsFree - Google Play Store


The following steps, if there are enough downloads:
1. Ability to save multiple 2 hand accounts.
2. Alert for your non-popup ads.


Good luck to everyone!


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