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Mobile Software Developer Course


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Hello, I recently did an introductory workshop for the hi-tech world as part of the "hyperactive" high-tech school

To do a key course for mobile software And I will have a few questions that I would be happy if anyone who answered them answered really with understanding and recognition of the market:

1. Is the impression passed right? Can a graduate without a degree find work?

2. What is the initial salary and the upward curve?

3. Is hyperactive school a recognized and reliable field?

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Let's start with the fact that there is no connection between WEB and programming in a truly mobile (domain) The hybrids are very weak).

1. The answer is no. Straight and smooth. There is a very strong demand for good mobile developers. What you are looking for is mostly experience, interesting projects and a strong preference for degree holders. I do not know of any serious place that looks for graduates of courses on the subject without experience and without a degree. (At least not those who will also pay a normal salary and have someone to study and advance on)

2. For degree holders? Parallel to the professions Others in higher languages ​​than I encountered. For those with experience? The curve is a bit sharper than the usual.

3. I never heard of this school.

(It should be noted that I have been involved in the field for the past two years or so and I also interviewed my team)

As with most programming subjects, there are no shortcuts in most cases.

(Like everything - there are exceptions)

The only advantage is that you can build things and prove yourself in your own projects. However, it is very difficult to program correctly based on one course or another.

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