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Who are you students of HW ... a few details about your institution and studies


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It is technically possible to work every year (even for the first time). It all depends on the amount of work hours, self-discipline for learning (and not getting behind) and the ability to arrange the system for hours

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Indeed, the sweeping recommendation is not to work in the first two years, and only for the third time to try to assimilate. I hope that this high-tech park is worth something and not just selling us illusions, I do not really feel like plowing the Be'er Sheva-Rehovot line

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As a Sodent for Computer Science, it seems to me better to take personal projects and make them available in your spare time than to go to work. A workplace can be great for experience but not all workplaces are equivalent and can be jobs that require a lot and you will not learn a lot there. Especially as young programmers.

Personal project You can also stop and continue whenever you want, jobs will not always stop for you. But do not know how it jobs students truth.

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