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Admission to the Technion


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My platform is 81.56

There is a list of acceptance thresholds here:

I did not really understand what the estimated upper threshold is what is listed there (for example, civil engineering: 83) or is it the lower threshold?

I spoke about whether the Technion offered to register.

There is someone who understands and can give advice if there is any point in signing up with an agreement like mine (Civil Engineering - Priority 1 - Mapping and Geo-Information Engineering - Priority 2) or is there a chance to start studying this year and try to improve the 624 for the spring semester?


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You go into their calculator - calculates average maturity with their calculator and notes on the side

Enter the calculation calculator for the sum - the impression will average your matriculation exams and the psychometric exam and accept the agreement.

The agreement you get with him you can see whether you are accepted or not.

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  • 3 months later ...

It's always better to register. The agreement jumps up and down all the time (usually up) according to the number of registrants and also needs some luck.

If your weighted score is 81, it seems to me that it is not enough to be accepted. In principle this goes like this:

Below the bottom - you are only accepted if there is a shortage of people. Depends on the field, but usually a few receive such a pizza and usually those who lack a little

Threshold - You should be accepted but depends on a number of factors such as number of places and a general average of all those applying to the faculty

Threshold - Your place is guaranteed regardless of other factors.

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Threshold - Your place is guaranteed regardless of other factors.

You are wrong.

I remember that before 15 a year or so the physics reception tables were always 70-72 and even then there were places left because there was not enough demand. After offering the combined track with the electricity agreement jumped to 81 roughly. It certainly happened overnight. So anyone who tried to get accepted with 78, which would have made it easy before, suddenly was not enough.

What is indeed a very rare situation. There is usually a much more gradual decline or increase.

But it is still impossible to make a commitment that a certain number is accepted.

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That's what they told me at the secretariat when I started studying there.

Glad I retired from there.

I know that at the university from the moment you are above the recommended threshold, you are inside and every new super program gives you the agreement of the program only and not of the entire degree

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I'm not familiar with all the details of the acceptance cartons, but I think when you have a borderline agreement, civil engineering is the last faculty you can get, given the high percentage of cousins ​​with their affirmative action.

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Threshold - Your place is guaranteed regardless of other factors.

I think you're wrong. Everywhere the principle is such, the Council for Higher Education decides what number of students can be received at any academic institution, each institution gets the number of people possible, and simply chooses the people with the highest agreement. What can cause the deviation is early registration. According to what I know at least in the Technion (perhaps also in other places) within the timeframe for registration there are two periods. at first Evaluation according to requests received until now who will enter and send a receipt. And then, even if after that it turns out that suddenly many people approached with a high sum Technion does not retract the receipt of those who have already received a receipt. Theoretically this can happen but in practice it is quite rare.

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