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Bitcoin - the main and official discussion


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The last few increases Are attributed to the media attention to the new currency - Libra. Although Libra is a central currency with a much higher amount of coins and controlled value - that is, the opposite of a real free market, digital currency brings attention to Bitcoin because it is the synonym for digital (and distributed)

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I wonder what percentage of the buyers of the currency in the last month bought it for a reward to use it or as a speculative investment.
On a personal level I prefer to invest in things with real value, specifically residential real estate that relies on the fact that a person always needs a roof but it is because I am solid and boring probably.

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Quote of ClassMulder

The mice keep chirping, and the caravan passes. Institutional money is already flowing vigorously into Bitcoin, PayPal is adding crypto to its systems, and Bitcoin has already touched $ 24000 per unit. And there is still a long way to go.


Having a hard time figuring out what the enthusiasm is, crypto costs just like anything else.

The market is in one huge bubble in whatever field you choose because interest rates have been nil since the 2008 crisis and people are looking for where to invest.

The corona has destroyed every good part of the world and has suffered a fatal blow to economies around the world but the stock market that has fallen by 50% has more than doubled since then and is tens of percent above what it was before the corona.

And if institutions are entering the field then it's the worst, it's those institutions that have invested in subprime and brought on us a crisis that has never really recovered from to this day. Their entry only helps inflate this bubble.

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Bitcoin is a much bigger bubble. Note that it jumped by 100% in two months, when there is no logical reason. There is (mostly) something behind the inflated economy. There is nothing behind Bitcoin except the black economy (criminals). No normal person uses this thing, only for purposes of speculation (gambling), and the mining process itself is a crime against humanity.


Dumb people do not understand this, and there are a lot of idiots in governments too. That's why they're still playing kaka instead of signing an international treaty that would make bitcoin trading and use illegal, as it should be.

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Quote of QttP

There is nothing behind Bitcoin except the black economy (criminals). No normal person has a use for this thing

I understand that you are comfortable with your bank account and office work in the air conditioner, Private and food deliveries when it comes to indulging and unaware of what is happening outside your bubble.
1.7 billion adults do not have a bank account.
A quarter of U.S. households do not have a bank account.

One million Israelis without a bank account.

Bitcoin does not need a bank account.
You may have missed the video I attached here, so it's worth listening to and internalizing 
Director of Coincenter explains to Senate Banking Committee why bitcoin is Revolutionary


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