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Leagal Killers Contest The voting stage

What story is most beautiful to you?

115 votes

  1. 1. What story is most beautiful to you?

    • Story #1
    • Story #2
    • Story #3
    • Story #4
    • Story #5

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At a good hour we reached the voting stage! Here are five stories chosen by us to go to the voting stage. All you have to do is choose the most beautiful story you think the survey raises this discussion.

The winner will win the MSI Z77A GD65 GAMING (Criticism)!

Story #1:

So, when I played Crysis Warhead for the first time, I was so excited that I played it nonstop until I finished it. But as usual, some things do not happen as planned. When I got to the last task (I do not really remember if it was the last one but it was towards the end), I had to fight the creatures from outer space and their big boss. Well, no problem, I fought and fought, suddenly because the task is heavy with a lot of objects it all started to be slow. I did not understand what was happening, I said, well, let's continue for the last game ... Suddenly the game goes out. The Windus says there is not Enough on your computer. I had 4GB. I said, 'Allah, specifically on the last mission?' No, I will not give up. I'll get out of the last guard. Well, I go in again, everything is good and good, comes again to this section that I stuck in and a little passed, and with all the difficulty of the blasts on the way ... FPS falls down that is not enough , And this is not a rule. Well again, the game crashes ... Well I said what I would do, what would I do ...? there's nothing to do. I'll go in again! Just this time I'll keep up to where I get stuck, so that it will be closer to the end ... well, I've been through again ... and if all the difficulty ... and you'll understand the game does not move ... and there's the thing to shoot him in the stomach and there's this bazooka. ..

Well, after I put another one off ... but I do not give up, I've made progress? I went in again ... (Yes, I know you too gave up and so I shorten). This time the guard was close and Boom Boom Boom I bombarded the boss quickly that the game will not close and ...? I passed! Hurray! But hey! To finish the mission he has to run to the helicopter ...! To get out ... great, all pressed and starts sweating praying to God that the game will not close me in the middle, suddenly remembered I can run faster with the ability of the suit ... Okay, I put it and hop! I'm on the helicopter! : beerchug:

Story #2:

I will try my luck in the story and hope that I will not be a scribe,

About a day when I lost my luck on Lag.

These were days when I had a "Hagit"

They said about me in the game "realm of the mad god" as the stars of a seat.

So they went through days of wandering around the world,

Find the perfect server.

Because in this game just like life,

When they die, they die.

And when the long-

We walked into it like Shahal.


With the experience we have accumulated so far.

But alas - after a moon,

During a very violent battle,

I watched the health index plummet - and I was pressed,

I pressed the panic button quickly.

But Kibri had popped up before-just like that,

That the cruel Lage in the act was present.

Story #3:

Late night ...: Sleep:

BF3 In the midst of the battle,

Looking for where to hide now. : biggrimjackbox:

The map is GULF OF OMAN,

M98B and I have a skilled sniper.

Far from the city and all the rush,

Hiding behind a tiny bush.

Through the crosshairs I observe,

And looking for another head to flip.: behead:

In the tall buildings on the map,

Waiting for prey and waiting long. : Sleep:

The right finger begins to tremble,

We will not fail to kill now. I want more and more : t2819:

Pressing the sights seems eternal to me,

I hold a corrupting tool in my hand. : bash:

Out of nowhere a sniper emerges,

I kissed him with a flashlight. : cwm31:

I will not be satisfied with the mortal wound,

You must add another balance - Hhead shot

He snatched me away immediately,

how is it? I'm lying and really inconspicuous. : t3608:

A millisecond from the long-awaited shot,

Suddenly the cursed pressure was released. : smiley-computer012:

The cross-TOWN

beng beng he shot me down.

Logitech G700 And the problem of the right button being released + Murphy's Law = : mavet:

Story #4:

Sitting on my computer with some people,

Game me TDM CANALS normally.

64 People of course,

You have to to kill You Everyone....

I was in shock "How many people are coming in here?",

But a second I did not waste and I took a USAS and straight sprayed.

Explosions here and explosions there,

We could not see from the smoke.

And then suddenly at a fateful moment,

When I had a murderous Killstreak.

Came the irritating LAG,

Which made my day so tiring.

I took the Profile And I began to spray,

In all directions I ask,

The computer was perforated,

I broke the screen.

And Mother comes into the room and asks, "What happened?

Are you crazy? ",

I said to my dear mother

"Mom, what's the problem?"

I went on to explain, "If you were to buy a computer bomb

The LAG was not terribly annoying,

I explained the parts to her.

We immediately jumped into the store Computers Buy components,

We probed among the products and found One of the rare.

I told my mother, "I want him,

But my mother said, "You will not get it."

After many debates,

We went home unhappy.

The computer is still in flames,

And the screen is also broken in the corners.

And here Yuval tells me, "There is competition for what you dig?",

I told him, "Send me a link and fast!"

Send me a link (long of course).

With combinations of English and Hebrew What the hell is going on here?

I ask Community management Give me the prize,

Otherwise I will not be so polite.

Story #5:

Without knowing Ag, I got:


Summer night fell on Jerusalem, the FIFA 2008 network competition.

Manchester United It's me and the cruel Germans: Bayern Munchas.

What a great opening to the game, Dwight Yorke gets a ball of genius from Solshihar and in a round shoots the first one.

20 passes and the equality comes, Muller's kick goes in!

1-1 The street is deafening, yes.

They pass it without any change, and then it comes .. The big moment.

Penalty starts.




3-2 3-3 4-3 4-4

A decisive kick, Shringham came over and knocked on the D then it happened + _ + ---- + _--- + _ + ____--------------------- -------

I missed the kick and then they kicked the goalkeeper to sleep!

What a misfortune, what a disappointment... The Germans as usual won because of a loog!

It was not until years later that I understood what I had gotten.

Since then and until today I learned and recited the computer on the RJ45 cable I stuck:

Which is the screen

It will not be dirty

That's the accelerator

He would never fart

Any software

Work like a machine

And no hardware

Do not do anything bad

All games

Will not cause damage

The video card

Will always be successful

And the sound card

Will succeed in everything

Which processes the words

Do not be confused with words

Which is the processor

His power will not be lost

That the compression program

Will not cause an explosion

That no link

Will not destroy the disc

And that's the floppy

He would never collapse

Here are all the contestants, Cast your vote!

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You already see who in the end will win by the votes of now. But still successful for everyone.

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Although it is not a story / story and the competition is already in its final stages .. I had to share an experience that happened to be able to document.

nuff said :)

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Is it normal (by competition rules) that competitors are sending messages? Should other users vote for them?

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It seems I'm on my way to a grating loss :(:(

There is no reward for the place the third? : kopfpatsch:

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A nice and blessed competition :) Successfully..

Ahla Peres, bomb board.

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The voting stage is over, and we are happy to announce that the best story you think is of the idanmal user.

Will renew idanmal Z77A GD65 GAMING!

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I did not win anything, thank you very much HWZONE And thanks to all the members who voted for me,

Sorry the other participants really had beautiful stories ...

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Thank you very much..

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