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Determined to be admitted to Tel Aviv University


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The discussion of Omri vs Dan is relatively futile for my taste. The fact is very simple - you'll be good, you'll be mediocre.

You're talking about medium-high-tech workers will get higher wages at first start to compare to the middle-class accountant, on the one hand a high-tech worker will gain more in the beginning but exposed to crashes in the market / outsourcing / technological developments On the other hand the accountant will benefit less but the risk is much smaller.

Since I assume that I am talking to people with the most basic financial education, it is like buying a bond - a high interest rate will give more yield but also more risk and low interest will give less yield but less risk (this is market interest for people who are not educated)

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I have a friend who works in the field today, and my girlfriend worked for many years at PwC, so I know quite well the salary levels in Israel for Senor / Superfizer / Manager etc.

After four years of study, an industrial and management graduate will be able to find a first position in the high-tech industry, where he will earn a gross 15-16. After those four years, a graduate degree in accounting will have to do a two-year internship in which he will receive NIS 5,000 per month (also gross of course).

After the specialization gap of course is reduced, but still the order of magnitude 1.5-2 in favor of high-tech employee (I talk about base salary only, before weighting bonuses, shares, etc.). From here on, this gap is not significantly reduced and has remained constant over the years, thanks in large part to the fact that wages and benefits in high-tech rise with a much faster rate than accountants.

I, as an 27 tax consultant, earn a little less than you from a salary and clients without my foot going through the academy. I mean she did, but she made a U-turn after a year. I do not regret my choice for a moment. I really enjoy communicating with clients and authorities. It is such a deep and wide field that one has to work for years only to begin to understand what to do.

With regard to salaries as one who prepares about 300 monthly salaries and does bookkeeping for the self-employed in many different fields, I get the idea of ​​how much more or less are earning in the business application in Israel. High-tech salaries are high, but they reach the glass ceiling very quickly. A doctor will benefit from divorce at the beginning of his career and after gaining experience and specialization in his income, 70-80 will pay NIS 1,000 a month and even more.

And do not let the stories about 50 people fool you. How many people do you know who have studied computer science before 25-30 a year?

Accounting has to deal with many, many different events. You need to know how to market yourself, build a customer base, establish connections with local authorities, gain experience in all kinds of situations. An accountant must be proficient in tax law, labor law, the National Insurance Law, accounting and more. This is knowledge that comes only with time and work. In addition, these are areas where changes are occurring quite slowly.

The world of technology is changing very quickly. A high-tech person who grows up, has children, does not have the time and energy to sit, learn and specialize in a new language. Suddenly comes a guy 23 son after the Army graduated from the MAMARAM who is well versed in all the new trends in the technology world, ready to work 10 hours a day and lower wages.

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