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Question - A one-line matrix (if so)


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I have 2 questions here, I do not know what needs to be done so, I would be happy if someone would explain to me.

1- X1+2X2-3X3+X4-X5=7

2- 3X1+2X2-X3+X4=7


What am I supposed to do with these two questions?

These are supposed to be matrices, and I will be happy to help

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What they wanted was to solve it. Question 1 This is one equation, I did not understand how I am supposed to solve it, it belongs to the subject of matrices, but I assume that the 1 combo has endless solutions, but how do I get to it. Question 2 This is a system of two equations.

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Gauss's extraction method works on matrices. The coefficients of the equations are the organs of the matrix (each equation is a row - some equations = a few lines).

The column of solutions you add to the right of the matrix.

For example, this system of equations:

x + 3y = 5

y - z = 2

x + 2y + z = 4

Translates into this matrix:


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Yes, a matrix I know how to do, but how do I solve it?

I have a matrix with 2 lines and 4 disappear, meaning either it has no solution or it has infinite solutions.

And on the other question I have one equation, that is, infinite solutions, but how do I present them?

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That's the question, to solve it. Brought to the 2 these all instruction is "solve the following equations system" there is no beyond that. But unfortunately no one really explained to me how to solve it, how am I supposed to solve a single equations system with 5 disappear? Even though it is clear that there are endless solutions there is a need to present this somehow, because the answer is not "there is an Ensuf solutions" should express the endless solutions to these.

Even the system with 2 equations I do not really know how to solve or view. (I have not yet learned something called the Gaussian extraction method, these only move to the matrix and solve, but as I said do not know how to do these 2)

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What does it mean to "move to a matrix and solve"? How does the Gaussian extraction method (or matrices) differ from the usual solution of the system of equations by the method of comparing the coefficients.

In any case "Infinite Solutions" is definitely a legitimate solution to the system of equations.

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When there are more disappearances than equations, there will inevitably be more than one solution, unless the solution is "no solution" - that is, when some of the given equations contradict each other. In the case in question it is possible, for example, to express the X3, X4, X5 using X1 and X2. It is impossible at any stage to determine what the variables are worth, but only the dependence between them.

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