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"Path to academia" - an alternative program to the psychometric test


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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev will launch the "2013" program (from the beginning of November 2011)

Path to Academia "- an alternative program for the psychometric exam.

The program is intended for applicants to the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, who have a matriculation certificate and are interested in studying A course, whose grades will serve as a substitute for the psychometric exam, for registration to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Graduates of the program will be able to apply To all the departments of Ben Gurion University of the Negev based on the matriculation grades that will be weighted together with the final exam scores in the courses in the program (Which will be weighted as psychometric grades).

להמשך קריאה

what do you think ? In my opinion this is a welcome initiative, with a little luck it will replace the rotten psychometric method.

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In my opinion, it is worthwhile to use the Open University method (with certain restrictions on certain tracks that will require entrance tests) and to provide an average grade for the first year (say, 80), so most of them drop out before the end of the first semester.

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^ In the first semester, the number of chairs in the classrooms and the number of lecturers is limited. There is no physical possibility to give everyone a chance.

To the subject itself - in terms of topics, it looks like an internal "psychometric test" in a different format, including a "preparatory course". It does not look like something that will help a student in future academic studies (as opposed to the preparatory course).

Financially, anyone who is able to study for a psychometric exam without a course does not pay for it.

To me it looks like another way for the university to spend money from candidates.

An alternative to a psychometric test will be specific admission tests for certain departments at a reasonable price.

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In many departments, there are more or less identical courses. The number of lecturers is limited but worthy, and more jobs can be provided for a lot of wonderful lecturers who now work as external lecturers and I spoke about free admission to professions that are less wanted (at least in the first degree) and entrance examinations for wanted departments ... In any case, A path to academia, "and this sounds like another method to steal more money. What's more, I think it will be in the format of the Technion preparatory program. Learning at a much higher level than you really need, so that people will pay and retire.

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^ The universities fill all classes to the limit (as long as there are candidates of course), otherwise they lose money.

If there is a class with vacant places, even today, you do not need much more than a pulse to get into it (physics or math, for example).

Do you want to increase the amount of students that universities can hold? This is a different discussion than that of giving a chance to anyone who wants to. There will still be some bar where candidates will have to stand, he will simply be lower.

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A psychometric is preferable to matriculation exams.

There are a lot of cheating and copying in the matriculation exams. In the psychometric exams it does not happen.

2-3 will pass basic courses in the format of the Open University and will be judged accordingly. Without frontal lectures, there is enough written material and lectures / video tutorials.

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^ Today, in most departments, there is a transfer route from the Open University based on grades in the same basic courses ...

In my opinion, an alternative to a psychometric test that does not necessarily reflect what is required for success in academic studies in a particular field is a specific acceptance test for that field.

The problem is economic - a student who is unsure of what he is expected to receive will spend money on tests in various fields at several universities.

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The best alternative, the best and the cheapest is a transit channel. Although OAP has a lot of avenues of transition, it has to be expanded further.

That's the best way. A specific entry test for any field of study at the university will take up a lot of resources and will simply cost candidates money. I am also not sure that intensive study of a few months for a single test is a measure of student abilities ... Perhaps at the end of the registrant he will be able to bomb the entrance test, but the OUF channel can also reflect much more ability to deal with a mass of material.

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