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Consulting in software studies at the Open University


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So here I am correcting you :)

Computer Science at the Hebrew University - All the mathematical courses are shared by the Department of Mathematics. 1 and 2 are doing with math students.

The same goes for other math courses.

This is also the case in Tel Aviv (I did not study there, but I know people who have studied), as far as I know, it is the same in every university, for obvious reasons. Scientists Computer (and not engineers).

(For some reason, there are people who attribute the differences between the names, even though this is true only within the same institution)

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As for the Open, and especially for the course in question, I can speak from my experience in the subject (a year in the open-beginning biology and then it changed to the M.Sc. and currently in software engineering)

It is very easy to study there - there is no social atmosphere like anywhere ... Most people work in the army and the studies are part of their lives so learning there as a net student (which is the main part of your life) is very different and difficult (for me personally it was) (Except for the big courses where you can find a group in the area ... Most people come to practice 3 hours a week / two weeks and go, so the connection between the people is quite cool ... and it really bothered me.

In terms of net studies, the material studied was very difficult during the course of the year, but the tests were not at least as difficult for me. There is a kind of discontinuity in the tests there (from previous years) or they are very difficult or light. On this subject they are relatively fair and not just hard. Those who know the material have no reason not to succeed. (There are places where in order to produce a kind of "prestige" write difficult tests and so people learn and still fail ... in the name of prestige)

I do not say that it is not possible to pass and get a good score with 1, but the gap between what is needed and what is great is enormous.

In short, if the reason is to save a year or an effort to complete the matriculation exams and go for it and complete special courses or study at the college.

Hope I helped.

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^ I hope the discussion is developed smart enough not to listen to you. Because you lack someone to sit on the lawn, do you recommend going to college or preparatory courses? Say you fucked up or what? I was both in an open university and in a closed university, and I also went out with friends and people I did not want to see at all. A university is not a school, and it is clear that the social circles there are different

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Okay, in the end I probably will not be starting to study anytime soon. In the meantime, I will complete the material in English and Math. As I study the Open Books (in my time and pace so that I will have an easier time when I start studying) Mathematics for self-study.

And if anyone has books of open give / sell I would be happy if you contact me in details.

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I'm in a pretty similar place to yours.

My parameters:

  • I am an 30 son, working at night work with very unorganized hours - I have to learn from home
  • I can finance my studies
  • I have experience in 10 years as a programmer
  • He knows excellent English
  • Sweetness is not something, I bought all the books of the sons of Goren "Sweetening - the modular program"A week ago, I dig a few hours every day, right now in the 4 chapter, I test myself and then test my grades in the book. I've received 100%
  • I have a very high self-learning ability, and computers and sweetness are porn for me

3 Years after opening the post I'm curious to know:

  • According to how you read my profile, which one of you learned from a software engineer / engineer at the beginning of the application, please ask him.
    I want to hear from someone who studied 1-2 and alone, whether 4 will be sufficient or less than 5 will feel awkward.
  • Did something come out of your edio300 program?
  • Are software engineers anything in demand? What is the salary in the economy?
  • Are OUI graduates recognized worldwide?

Good day everyone sweet people!


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Quote of Guy950

If you plan a single degree then I guess so, most of the great people who do computer science also take an additional degree, usually math or electrical engineering.

The average time for software engineering studies is 4 years and computer science time is 3 years. You of course can split it as you wish.

Open University Unlike other universities you can choose your own program.

For instance, you can do all the math courses in sequence and then the software and computer, although I do not specifically recommend it.


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