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Consulting in computer studies


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Hello and happy holiday,

I would love to receive a recommendation regarding higher studies. Basically, the story is that I am a realistic, well thought out, organized and organized person, love computers, connect to the scientific professions (mathematics, physics) and have a technical sense, but wanted life and high school I did not invest and barely learned then I finished math at 4 Specifying 70 ..

I see myself working in something that has to do with computers, and preferably at an advanced level ..

I stand out between a degree in computer science or software engineering, but I realized that it's mainly math and that it's really hard. Now I connect to math (that is, I'm not one of those who "do not want to touch a stick in math), but I did not do 5 in high school anyway I'm a little worried about my chances of success ..

In your opinion, one like me should do. Should I go through a special program and start studying one of these degrees, or try something completely different like a course in developing computer games, or maybe even study code alone and start dealing with it?

I'm very happy to comment, I have to make order in my mind ..

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If you have the willpower and ability to learn alone, then you will start learning alone online and have a full material and see how you progress away ...

If your matriculation certificate is good (really really good) and you have a good psychometric exam if I am wrong 680 + then you have the option of a university degree in computer science.

If you have an average matriculation certificate but you still need a good grade of math in five units + psychometric exams, then there are really excellent colleges, and in my opinion, the best option was for me, because spending money and most importantly time on psychometric exams is unnecessary, if you want me Can recommend good places in your neighborhood.

And of course there is the option of open and colleges that receive without a psychometric or matriculation certificate and the like ..

Software engineering is just another superfluous year in my opinion, go for computer science if you really like the field.

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The important thing you understand is that the fact that you did not invest in high school and learned only 4 units and removing only 70 does not close any doors to you. Yes, mathematics in engineering and computer science is harder than mathematics in high school, even in 5 units. But if you have the ability and affinity to it as you say, you should not have a problem. Everything can be completed, whether in the preparatory program or during the studies. Although you think that 5 material from high school helps, because it prepares you a bit for what you are studying, you do not really rely on it. They teach everything from the basics. So it's not what will drop or take you away - your thinking and perception are much more important.

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