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Who said Amazon has ps4 on 400 dollars?!?


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I've been full time digging Amazon hoping to find At 400 dollars as everyone says but I can not !!

The cheapest price I found is 750 dollars !! How does that make sense?!?!

If anyone can get me a link to ps4 on 400 dollars as they say .... I will thank him very much!

Here's the ps4 I found:


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400 $ This is an American version, without shipping and taxes

Of course also without a game, and without payment to the PSN + who owe it to play Onlin

The practice of getting all the pizzas of the console will cost you much more

A sample camera is another $ 60, and gives more pits

Another gimpad to play with friends, not even a cheap thing

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400 $ This is also an American version, without a calculation

Shipping and taxes

Of course also without a game, and without payment to the PSN + who owe it to play Onlin

The practice of getting all the pizzas of the console will cost you much more

A sample camera is another $ 60, and gives more pits

Another gimpad to play with friends, not even a cheap thing

So what do you actually say?

Not worth buying?

By the way: is it better to buy now or wait for the updated console as it was at Sony 3?

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If you do not want to play games that only went to PS4 better than a computer

The truth is that this is not the first time I've heard this ... and in my opinion it's really but really not true! Play in ps4 This game experience is completely different from your computer ...

I have a horse computer !! (The truth I bought recently .. About 4 and half months is with me and I already managed to play full games!) And I recently saw a lot of videos on the subject - And in my opinion it's really not the same!

The truth is that I really got in on the console and really want to buy it.

Do not you think it pays?

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Playing on a computer is much more precise and fun ..

Did you play the console at all?

On your computer you have options.

You can turn a computer into a console. Connect it to the screen , Bought a controller and a blessing.

If you think it is not the same, detail a specific topic. YouTube videos do not mean anything to anyone

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What is it all about?

It all depends on your needs versus your benefit

Regarding PC, you can play Sets on a wide screen today, and a lot of PC games today support Gimpad

And his own, there's a way today, to get them to support Gymampad

In fact, they have already managed to run the 4 market on both the PC and the Wimbledon GP

And MS said itself that official support for the PC for the XBo Gamepad will come in the future

So it's really not a problem, most of today's graphics cards are communicating with HDMI, which is exactly the same standard as modern consoles

In addition, you can turn your computer into a "Mashin Mashin", which will exit the operating system and fold

Now the advantage of a modern console today, it is very simple, starting price, and compatibility for games along a live console

It's already a matter of taste

But there are drawbacks like the price of long-term games, with you buying games - deals in sets or GOG for example

In the land of exchange / rentals / second hand consoles really undeveloped

You also have a drawback to the operating system

You have a disadvantage that with one defective part, the repair is very expensive, in PC many of them are at least built from removable parts, and you can change things like CPU / video card, etc. etc easily

You'll see I have WIIU, which is pretty dusty most of the time because of the price of the games, and I'm more inviting to dance, and I have a strong PC where I play most of the time

I'm not against Not at all

But the PS4 \ XBO is very similar to the PC, here and there some hardware changes, not critical, and a different operating system

And against PC hardware is relatively weak, and this is another rollout

The WIIU yes I bought, but used, and it's for the Nintendo Wii, many of which do not have good analogues on PC

I had previously WII and 360 and PS3, I bought for Billards, and sold after it

In Israel, and I emphasize in Israel, I do not think it pays to hold a console beyond the bounds

In the United States, for example, you have used stores and rentals, so it hurts a much smaller pocket

And the price of the consoles themselves is much lower

For example, an XBO that includes a Kinect 2 and a game can be bought in the United States for less than NIS 2000

A good computer is equivalent in terms of equipment, although more powerful will cost about NIS 4000 in Israel

But XBO in Israel will probably cost over NIS 3000, add to that annual subscription to network services, and that's about the same as PC, before the benefits of the PC

On PS4 as I said - it doesn't come with At $ 400, and also the service name They cost money

With you a small box, in 2014, box sets are supposed to come from a variety of companies and at a variety of prices

According to what I understood, WIN8 can be installed

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Excellent gaming machine. Fast interface, excellent controller, and hardware developed in conjunction with gaming developers from around the world to bring the best possible price framework. No wonder the console gets compliments both from game keys and gamers. There is no doubt that Sony will bring a lot of quality exclusives just like in the previous generation.

Currently it is very difficult to get the console simply because it breaks every possible sales record and the tremendous demand exceeds the production capacity. I think if you have a strong computer you can also wait a few months for more games to come and the price will drop.

I paid for the $ 530 console, including shipping and taxes, and if you find the console in Israel at a reasonable price, it might be better because the warranty is easier to implement.

- - - Unified response: - - -

Why are you insisting that you, Similar to a PC? Because in the case the processor uses the x86-64 assembly instruction set, which brings you associations with computer processors? It is true that the components of the console are to some extent reminiscent of components that are found in computers, but also the general architecture, also the manner The software and how to use the hardware are completely different.

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If you have a good computer, you have nothing to buy right now , A point.

There are no games on the PS4 that are currently worth playing. Every game (good) that exists there also exists in PC and in better quality and level of performance.

Do not waste the money now.

Wait for them to leave normal games and then normal Maybe there is what to talk about. Anyone who buys now (and has Good) Betshelles throwing money on the console + games more expensive and participates in beta of On the hardware.

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The thing is that consoles go out every 7 for about a year, and yet the hardware is weaker than expected.

Costia PC is also a gaming machine. To build a computer and turn it into a set of teeth This is the same box of WALAV.

Mini t enclosures can become a wish for furniture in the living room

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It is possible to build a more powerful, custom-made computer, and small, at a price close to the console, especially in the country where the console has about 35 percent of taxes, and on computer parts "only" 18 VAT percentage.

With a package like BitFenix ​​Prodigy + 670 + i5 + 8gb + ssd 120gb + h87, and you reach maximum to 4000, but with a strong and good computer significantly than any existing console.

And a computer can be easily repaired alone, console this special parts.

Games for the console are more expensive than computers, you have to pay every year for you to play online, and more full of drawbacks.

The only reason to buy a console is that it is exclusive.

And regardless, look at what he did with this case: t2819:

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Why do you insist that the PS4 is similar to a PC? Because in the case the processor uses the x86-64 assembly instruction set, which brings you associations with computer processors? It is true that the components of the console are to a certain extent reminiscent of components found on computers, but the overall architecture, both the way the software is developed and the manner in which the hardware is used are quite different

We've been on the majority but in short

Processor - jaguar of , A processor originally designed for portable computers, and with low power consumption

And in both XBO and PS4 only at relatively low clock speed, 1.8 and 1.75 depends on the device, it does have 8 cores, but the processor 4 cores that I have, more powerful and significantly funded

Simply because it is a weak core and low clock speed

XBO main memory You have 8 Giga DDR3, I have a 16 Giga DDR3

In XBO you have a very fast memory 32 for graphics - but developers have a hard time getting used to it

And you also have 8 Giga built-in memory - see the operating system files - instead of keeping it on the hard disk (that's the rest) - of course put a hard disk with a small SSD, and you get the same speed in that respect

Hard Disk By the way on both consoles this 500 Giga today - hard disk for movers

Operating system on XBO - this is basically 3 systems, one based on WIN8, one for XBO and one for bridging them

By the way, the system obviously supports DX - just like a lot of PC games

Video card, very similar to PC, with some changes

Switch to PS4

CPU - we have targeted them

Memory like they said 8 Giga GDDR5 both main and video card together - strange choice but that's what there is

Video card - here too a few changes, but very much like the PC, stronger than the XBO, but still a lot behind with a strong PC compare

There is also some CPU expectation Weak and which 256 mega - It's not clear what it's for-maybe a recording or something

Operating system - A lot of open source components such as FBSD, Apple will also be based on its open source system to Mac

There is, of course, support for GL, which is supported by PC

This is very, very similar to the PC, even including updates to games like there are in the PC, operating system updates like there is in the PC

We have already said Gimpad

Cameras like XBO and PS4 are also available for PC-although operating systems do not support them like consoles, but nevertheless

Legacy and WIIU As long as you had a different processor for everyone (PPC-based), it has been gone

In summary - you have no hardware or operating system advantages over PC

Yes you have other advantages such as user interface, software compatibility hardware etc, question with price In Israel Justifies it over time

To my mind not at all

And especially that the system is closed, and that means there are no emulators, no Which Sony or MS have not confirmed

There is not even backward compatibility, because the previous hardware is very different

In PC you have loads of backward compatibility

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Okay ... From what I understood from you (from all of you) it is Right now It does not pay to buy ps4 ....

And we have to wait a little? I'm right?

And something else ... Sony always takes out 2 For every generation ... as if an initial console and a more current console ... so it's better to wait for the update?

And if so ... How long will it take for the current console to come out?

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