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Computer Technician ?


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The discussion opens. Personally, I think that the shy person has not learned and the strict one teaches

I started studying "computing" from about 10 - the computers were in diapers and all I learned was (DOS) computer principles and some lab or two to understand the parts of the computer and how to assemble them.

This area is very open and you can learn a lot (with not everything) on ​​your own and without a framework - you need only "under" to sit, desire and a good head.

Today, in my opinion, everything is much easier - you have the Internet, which is an inexhaustible source of information / tutorials / online examples and tutorials - you may need a little English, but it is not in the sky either.



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I meant from what age you recommend to buy a book technician And understand it clearly, I am currently a 16 + son and I really love computers, I have basic knowledge I know to format, install

OS, and in a nutshell a few more things in style, now I'm skeptical if at all start learning , That I might be leaving it in the middle, or that it would tire me, or

That the studies would be difficult ... or that I would just leave it aside, wait a few more years, and then start studying, and then go to college.

So I asked you what age you recommend!

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No "book" will teach you what you need to know

Just start to try Solve technical problems Of family members, friends, etc.

And every time you come across a problem that you can not solve,

Try to read it online, or consult here

Just take into account that on the road - (at least in the early stages) Can be Which will cause more harm than good (although the chances are low).

At the same time, read and update on Current Technologies (And for the sake of education and interest, you might be interested in reading about past technologies as well:A nation that does not know its past, its present is poor and its future uncertain") Or those in development - in areas that interest you - whether it's processing / graphics / communication networks / / Operating Systems etc. ---

I recommend you also get Cheap or used computer and install on it Linux, And do various "experiments" on it, like For example - Try to install a hardware component that has limited support in terms of And it requires different configurations or libraries that you will have to add, etc. This is a whole world in itself

If you insist, you can also take Free online courses Relevant topics - such as this:

Or this

But these will usually require very good control in English (Which I strongly recommend to be taught as a high priority), and they are also already streaming to the academic level, which is not necessarily relevant if you really want to be a "computer technician."

Over time you will acquire the knowledge and experience that is needed to do it in a "business" way, if necessary

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