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Want to Learn .NET Programming - Is Acryo or John Bryce?


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skash1z - I can give you the opposite example; There is not one person in my job who does not have a degree, and even if I wanted to recruit someone like that, I would not have been able to do so because this is an HR requirement that can not be circumvented (except for contractor jobs or students).

Therefore, when someone decides to give up an academic degree, he already closes the door to a very large number of companies, and in other companies he will have to compete with other candidates with a degree, so that in every possible scenario he comes from an inferior position.

But there are many more places in the economy that are not your place of work.

So as I said, it should be clear that through a course only, it is impossible to reach the "best" places (even after gaining experience). Definitely. But there are places where they are not looking for the "genius of the generation" but someone who will do them the job cheaply, even if the work will not be the best. The demand for such software is so great that it is possible to integrate into any position even if you are a haafer. So it's true that I personally would not recommend such a course, but it certainly exists. I think it is appropriate to present to the decision-maker proper and correct data on the matter, while here we present an incorrect picture of reality. To make the decision himself. Insists on choosing the "easy" route and trying his luck, his right.

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