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Whether to study in .NET or JAVA course and in general


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The method that I think is the best to know what is best to learn in order to integrate into the industry as a programmer - it's simple to start checking yourself daily for jobs JUNIOR

What you are looking for and why there is a requirement, you will find that in every field (WEB, JAVA, .NET) there are the "additional" requirements beyond the knowledge of the language itself

I say - check the area and try to figure out what the next big thing will be.

For example, there is a steady rise in the cellular market and the WEB.

While the leading cellular is of course Android and therefore JAVA and of course all of the Android API

In the WEB however it depends on whether you are speaking on the server or client side, recently the client side starts getting more and more demand in the market - hence JAVASCRIPT and its endless libraries (angular, backbone, jquery, etc ...)

In terms of a programming course, I know someone who studied both in John Bryce and in Hacario

And after a course in Hakirio they sent him to job interviews and today he works as a programmer and writer who do not teach JAVA and he actually studied At JAVA Landroids.

And here I suggest just as with the requirements in the market - check for yourself - what they teach, what offer.

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In my opinion, these courses will not add to your advantage because you have a degree.

The description should provide you with a lot of theory, such as how certain data structures are used, how to load information, etc.

If you feel that you are missing an attempt to decide on an idea and while you are looking for a job, sit down and build it.

And that's how you will accumulate the experience you feel you lack

(The project could be something that interests you to build it)

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